By Sameer El-Hajj

One interesting thing with the academia is that it gives freedom of criticism; you can criticize whatever perspective without considering the power or influence of its developer. But the criticism must be sound and valid with intellectual contents, not a mere personality attack or character assassination.

There had been a long standing debate on population growth. For instance, central to demographic perspective is the reason why population increase, and population problems.

There are two types of scholars under the demographic perspective; The Pronatalists and the Anti-Natalists. Pronatalists scholars support increase in population growth, while the anti-natalists are against any form of population growth.

Usually the anti-natalists scholars apply crude methods in dealing with population growth. For example, the philosopher Plato suggested in his book ‘THE LAWS’ a method of birth control by late marriages, infanticide (killing of infants), and migration.

His student Aristotle also made it clear in his book ‘POLITICS’ in 340BC that if the state prescribed a number of children to deliver per woman, and a woman become pregnant after reaching the exact number, there is no any option left than to go for abortion.

One way or the other, our present Nigerian president is a student of either Plato or Aristotle, because his government is in support of the anti-natalists doctrine. Not that they declare themselves as thus, but their actions are totally anti-natal.

Zaria massacre and its kind could never happen in a Pronatal nation and the perpetrators move freely without the government taking a serious action against them. But we have seen how the Nigeria army killed thousands of members of the Islamic movement at Hussainiyyah centre and Gyallesu residence of Sheikh Zakzaky.

The world witnessed how crude the Buhari military acted by killing defenceless women, old people, juveniles, infants in a cold blood murder.
If the new world order is afraid of the rapid growth of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers in Nigeria, then Buhari should have connived with the national assembly to pass a law that will prescribe the exact number of children a member of the Islamic movement is expected to have rather than applying the massacre method, this is 21st century fa.

Yet, the anti-nalists Buhari is not satisfied with the Buratai’s Zaria massacre and Kirikou’s (El-Rufa’i) Tuesday murder of peaceful protesters in Kaduna. They all now focused on Katsina state; maybe they are disturbed with the IMN growth there.

Buhari is just applying the anti-natal style illogically. You cannot think of crippling an ideology with the killing of its members, the world is watching, and we are all writing history. The anti-natal Buhari regime will never exceed 8 political years in power, but the Islamic movement ideology will remain in the hearts of millions of Zakzaky supporters forever.

Sameer El-Hajj


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