The position of woman in Islam

The position of woman in Islam:

God created man and woman as the two only components of humanity, and He made them complimentary to each other and not rivals. Though in physical strength the man is generally stronger but that does not make a woman weaker or less human. There are important distinctions of women in Islam that most Muslims are ignorant of.

A woman was the first to accept #Islam & that is Sayyeda Khadija (as). Her enormous wealth was the foundation of Islam.

A woman was the first Martyr in Islam & that is Summayya (ra), the mother of Ammar Ibn Yaseer (ra).

Early Muslim women were present in all programs and activities at the beginning of the Islamic call, & they were even present on the battlefields to act as Nurses. It was recorded in history that Sayyeda Fatima ( as ) treated her injured father, Prophet Muhammad ( sa ), during the Battle of Uhud.

With these lofty positions enjoyed by women in early Islamic history, the present oppression and degradation of women by #Wahhabism has no place in Islam. It was the product of the deviant and primitive mind of Ibn Abdulwahhab ( la ).

It is wrong to judge Islam by the oppressive treatment of women in Saudi Arabia despite the fact that is the birthplace of Islam. The Saudi Wahhabi regime is a product of the British colonialism and does not represent Islam.

The issues of inheritance of women getting half the value of men was out of justice of God since traditionally men are the providers of women. The brother that gets twice the value of his sister will have to provide to her needs before she come of age.

In today’s world in the quest by Western civilization to make woman equal to man, a woman has lost her woman – ness and will never become a man! No matter how they tried to make a woman become a man just for them to be equal result in failure since a woman is a woman and a man is a man.

The celebrated Islamic scholar Martyr Ayatollah Mutahari stated the correct Islamic position on the status of men and women. He stated in his most celebrated work, “The Right Of Women In Islam”, that men and women are equal in the sight of God and in this world but they are not similar. Each sex has a unique and distinctive characteristics that compliment the other sex.

For example, it is impossible to have all the Army personnel of a nation to be all women because the work of the Army needs strength and God has endowed men with strength. And all records shows that women are far better Nurses than men because women are more compassionate than men and Nursing needs lots of compassion.

Having said all these, to have a balanced and stable society the distinctive qualities of men and women should be emphasize and promoted and that is the true equality. Islam places more emphasis in the education of a woman than that of a man since to educate a woman is to educate the society but unfortunately in most Muslim communities today the education of women are given backstage when compared to the education of man. Such policy and actions has nothing to do with Islam, they are products of deviant teachings and the fraudulent “Islamization” of local customs and traditions.

Harun Elbinawi

Note:This article was written to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Lady of Light, Sayyeda Fatima bnt Muhammad ( as ), the illustrious daughter of the Messenger of God ( sa ).


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