The #GreatSatan remain the same

The #GreatSatan remain the same:

After the #IranDeal the #US committed treachery to the deal by blocking trades between Iran and Europe. The US is blackmailing European banks not to trade with #Iran this is despite the fact that Iran had fulfilled all its obligation to the nuclear agreement with world powers.

It is important to note that Ayatollah Khamenei once said that the debilitating sanctions against Iran was not about its nuclear program, he said arrogant Western powers uses the nuclear program to impose inhuman sanctions against Iran. The behaviour of Western powers especially the US after the IranDeal proves all the past statements of Ayatollah Khamenei on the issue.

Only a brainless fool with trust the US regime, this is a regime that at exactly 50 years ago launched a bloody war against #Vietnam that killed more than 4 million Vietnamese. The entire history of the US is all about genocides, invasions, massacres, engineering coups in other nations and sponsoring murderous terrorists in hostile nations to only kill and destroy.

Imam Khomeini ( QS ) did not declared the US regime as a Great Satan by accident, the Imam considered all indices and pronounced the US regime as the biggest evil in the world. It is impossible for one to exhaust the list of crimes and atrocities of the US regime. Just yesterday I saw a link on Yahoo news that “CIA sponsored Syrian militants are at war with Pentagon sponsored Syrian militants”! These means that the US regime is sponsoring two set of murderous terrorist groups in a single country!

Can you imagine how many Syrians have been killed in this Western – sponsored war on Syria just to further their evil regime change agenda. Half of Syria have been destroyed and millions of Syrians have today become #refugees all due to the evil of Western interventionist.

Unfortunately there are some naive Iranian leaders who are carried away by the false smiles of US officials and the handshakes. They are so gullible that they failed to understand the monumental evil behind those false smiles and handshakes. The West embraced Gaddafi and welcomed him to their capitals but at the same time they were plotting how to kill and destroy him. They finally killed him via their thugs and today #Libya is a failed state with no functional government.

Iran should be grateful to God for having a wise Leader in the person of Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, with no apology to anyone there are certain Iranian leaders who will sell the freedom and independence of Iran to the greedy bloodsucking Western capitalists who only know how to dominate and plunder the resources of other nations.

Harun Elbinawi


One thought on “The #GreatSatan remain the same

  1. These are deepseated thoughts that you have written.
    They inspire some of us who are at the southern end of the Arican continent.


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