Yemen Resist Imperialism

#Yemen Resist:

Yesterday more than one million #Yemenis flooded the streets and alleys of Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen, to condemned the #US-#Saudi aggression against Yemen and to commemorate the one year anniversary to the start of the brutal genocide against Yemeni civilians.

With such a huge rally that was largely ignored by the Western owned mainstream media (MSM) sent a clear message to the wicked oppressors that the Yemeni nation will never kneel to the US-Saudi imperialism & neo-colonialism. The protesting Yemenis had demostrated their resolve to be free and independent of all the arrogant hegemonic powers whose only wish is to enslave Yemen and plunder it’s rich resources.

Yesterday’s massive rally in Sanaa was non-sectarian as there was huge presence of both Sunnis and Shias. The Saudi Wahhabi regime that has been lighting the bloody flame of sectarianism among Muslims has tried but without success to portray the aggression against Yemen as a Sunni vs Shia conflict and that it is “protecting” the interest of Sunnis by killing Yemeni civilians.

The Yemeni issue can never be solve by killing civilians, destroying valuable infrastructures and historical sites and giving bases and towns to the murderous #ISIS & #AlQaeda terrorists. The Saudi – led coalition that has bombed Yemen for more than one years now has achieved nothing despite the huge firepower that comprises more than 10 countries.

The Yemeni issue can only be solve by Yemenis themselves devoid of external interference. The Yemeni parties should sit togather and negotiate a political settlement that will only serve the interest of the Yemeni nation and people. The era of US-Saudi imperialism in Yemen is over, Yemen will never be ruled from the US Embassy again.

As for the bloodthirsty savage Saudi regime that committed heinous war crimes in Yemen, the blood of the Yemeni Martyrs will drown the traitorous House of Saud and dumped it into the dust bin of political history.

The House of Saud in order to serve it masters of Western imperialism & Global Zionism embarked on bloody adventures in various Muslim countries that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of Muslims just to further the evil agenda of imperialism. Yemen is a clear example to this. It is high time that Muslims reject the bloody sectarian agenda of the Saudi Wahhabi regime and say “Enough Is Enough” to all the killings, bloodshed and destructions.

Harun Elbinawi


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