1 year anniversary to the start of the #Saudi – #American aggression against #Yemen

1 year anniversary to the start of the #Saudi – #American aggression against #Yemen:

On exactly 26/03/2015 the Saudi – led coalition acting on behalf of Western imperialism launched a brutal airstrikes on everything in Yemen that has killed more than 8000 civilians that included more than 2000 #children.

It will be naive to think that the aggression against Yemen is an initiative of the traitorous House of Saud, Western powers ordered the aggression against Yemen and this assertion is underlined by the presence of #US and #UK military personnel in Saudi command centers. The steady flow of arms and ammunition that included internationally banned weapons to the Saudi regime from Western countries is another pointer to the above assertion.

The #Yemenis were also attacked by the #ISIS & #AlQaeda proxy Armies of Western imperialism & the importation of bloodthirsty mercenaries from all part of the world by the Saudi and Emirati regimes. The Yemeni war was a gang – up of all that is evil against the poor Yemenis. But what the brave Yemenis lacked in terms of wealth they made it up in their super – human bravery and courage that they confronted this murderous aggression against their country on all fronts.

The barefooted Yemeni warriors confronted and destroyed advanced and sophisticated US – made Saudi tanks with hand grenades. Though the Yemeni resistance withdrew from some southern cities for strategic reasons but they advanced in the southern Saudi cities and destroyed many military bases there. Today #AlQaeda and ISIS are occupying some of those Southern Yemeni cities.

Before the beginning of the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen, the political parties in Yemen had reached a political settlement by agreeing to a power – sharing formula but the evil Saudi regime rejected that and launched a brutal war of aggression against Yemen. And after one year of countless airstrikes on markets, schools, hospitals, clinics and residential areas, and the destruction of Yemeni infrastructures and historical sites, a ceasefire was agreed to start negotiations for a political settlement. This is the same settlement that the bloodthirsty Saudi Wahhabi regime rejected from the beginning.

Muslims must reject the savage and barbaric doctrine of the primitive-minded Saudi regime that made wars and armed conflicts the first option of settling disagreements among Muslims. The same thing happened in #Syria in 2011 when the Syrian government and the opposition were about to reach a political settlement then the Saudi regime intervened by rejecting any political settlement. Today the Syrians are back to the negotiation table after 5 years of brutal war, killings and destructions with more than 300,000 Syrians dead and more than half of the country destroyed.

The Saudi Wahhabi regime also recently instigated the Nigerian regime to attack the peaceful Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky. Close to one thousand defenseless & unarmed #Shia_Muslims that included women, children and the aged were brutally slaughtered by the Nigerian Army in Zaria and the victims buried in mass graves to bury the evidences. It was only the wise and prudent leadership of IMN that averted another bloody conflict in #Nigeria.

Harun Elbinawi


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