Genesis of the #BrusselsAttacks

Genesis of the #BrusselsAttacks

Western powers created, nurtured and controlled these murderous Wahhabi terrorists to act as their proxy Armies in destroying countries that are not subservient to Western imperialism. Western powers uses the #Saudi Wahhabi regime as an intermidiary to control these murderous thugs since both the Saudi regime and the thugs are all products of #Wahhabism.

Then the thugs began to think on their own, that their Western masters have used them and dumped them. Then the “magic will return to haunt the magician”. The murderous terrorist thugs in Western terminology now change from “Good terrorist” to “Bad terrorist” that must be bombed and destroyed.

This has been the hypocrisy that dominates the monumental fraud of the West claim of fighting against #terrorism. The West trained and armed terrorists in Syria and called them “moderate opposition” & when these same terrorists turned around and attacked the West, they are branded as real terrorists that must be destroyed.

In #Syria it is common knowledge that #ISIS main sources of income are the stolen Oil sales via #Turkey that is a #NATO member and close ally of the West and donations from Gulf Arab countries who are also close allies of the West. But the American – led West have been deceiving the world that they are fighting against ISIS by forming a fraudulent coalition against ISIS!

In #Iraq, Iraqi Frontline commanders have recorded cases of #US Helicopters supplying weapons and supplies to ISIS, this is the same ISIS that the US claimed to be fighting. And the US have tried to widen sectarian hatred among Sunnis and Shias in Iraq so as to weaken their resolve to destroy ISIS.

Then there is the case of the #Israeli regime that uses its #Mossad to stage false flag operations in Western countries to prevent them from recognizing an independent #Palestinian state. Whenever a Western country shows intention to recognize #Palestine, that country is attacked by terrorism.

Harun Elbinawi


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