A UK Ex-convict Adeka Onyilo was the Nigerian government agent that

Pro-Buratai U.K. ‘Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group’ agent, Adeka Onyilo has been discovered, not surprisingly, to be an ex-convict!

It has been the pattern that whenever you find a Jonathanian you could be sure he was a dubious personality.

Likewise of recent, Pro-Buhari maniacs like many of the iStandWithBuhari campaign group’s directors are most certainly Jonathanians, finding new lazy ways to keep making easy money. See: Second Director Of Jonathanian #IStandWithBuhari Resigns

Recently, a “group” from nowhere appeared and called itself, “Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group (UK Chapter).”

A certain Mr. Adeka Onyilo also appeared with the newly appearing group and gave its Press releases.

Notably, the Press releases of this suspect group were carried by all national top dailies. The recent one threatening to sue the Islamic Human Rights Commission based in the U.K. for dragging Nigeria to the International Criminal Court over the Zaria massacre, was published across all Nigerian dailies, ThisDay, Guardian, Vanguard, BluePrint, Leadership and the like, automatically raising flags that Mr. Adeka Onyilo was a government sponsored agent.

NewsRescue immediately proceeded to investigate the so-called group and personality of its director and sure as the Sun rises every morning, we found that Mr. Adeka Onyilo has never been an advocate or monitored anything in his 38 years of life till his current gig as a bulldog for Buratai; and we found the only appearance of the UK-based crook was in court for violating the law.

Yup! Mr. Adeka Onyilo is a convicted criminal. His behaviour as an illiterate, threatening to sue the IHRC was pathognomonic. Nigeria’s Army Chief had likewise been described by Justice Haliru of Nigeria’s High Court as acting illiterate. Criminality and illiteracy hang together and are typically found in the same places.

Read the report on his criminal businesses in the U.K. from the Enquirer of August 2013:

Illegal nail treatments end in fines for Barking beauty parlour

A BEAUTY parlour owner has been handed down 100 hours of community service and a hefty fine after illegally carrying out nail treatments.

Health and safety officer at Barking and Dagenham Council, Frances Kelly, paid a visit to Alicia’s Beauty Parlour, on Ripple Road, Barking, for a routine visit on 16 October last year. Nail treatments were being carried out but checks revealed the business did not have a license for such procedures.

On 17 October a prohibition notice was issued, warning the director, Adeka Onyilo, to stop carrying out the treatments and giving him information on how to apply for a license (which at the time cost £320).

When council officers returned to Alicia’s on 26 October they found nail treatments were still being carried out. They explained to Onyilo that he had breached the prohibition notice and equipment was seized.

The 35-year-old owner appeared at Romford Magistrates Court on 31 May and pleaded guilty to two counts under the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act and six counts under the 1991 London Loca Authorities Act.

Read more: http://newsrescue.com/breaking-pro-buratai-uk-agent-threatening-islamic-movement-is-ex-convict/#ixzz43j7Lt2RW


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