Wahhabis are the largest tribulations and danger to the Muslim world:Grand Ayatollah Naser Mukarem-Shirazi

Wahhabis are the largest tribulations and danger to the Muslim world:Grand Ayatollah Naser Mukarem-Shirazi

Speaking at a ceremony at Qom’s Dar al-I’lam Institute to unveil a new website aimed at countering Wahhabism, Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem-Shirazi explained that Wahhabis are the largest tribulation and danger to the Muslim world and that ISIL, the al-Nusrah Front and other Takfiri groups are the evil fruits of this malicious tree.

The revered source of emulation added that those who study the history and beliefs of Wahhabism will recognize that when creating this sect, it was expected that one or more groups, in addition to creating a deviation in belief, would turn these beliefs into action and a sea of blood would be created in the Islamic world to destroy Islamic countries.

He noted that some Wahhabi groups have been compared to the Kharijites but added that Wahhabism is not comparable with this sect, which rose in the early days of Islam and engaged intakfir or excommunication. “In our belief, the danger that Wahhabism poses to Islam is far more of a threat to Muslims themselves,” he said.

Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi added that Wahhabism has introduced Islam as a violent religion to the world and placed a tool in the hands of the enemies of Islam throughout the world and will continue to do so. “Today the world is ready to accept Islam, but these malicious Wahhabis have obstructed the way,” he said.

His Eminence emphasized that we should not be passive in the face of such deviant groups but rather, we must attack this inhumane and anti-Islamic ideology, adding “Wahhabism is alien and far from Islam and we must explain this important point to the world.”

He considered the Sunni sect as separate from Wahhabism, stressing that Wahhabism is a heretical sect and has become a tool in the hands of the opponents of Islam.

Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi said informed persons know that the Sunnis have written many books against Wahhabism and have published far more than books and works than Shi’as have in this regard and stressed that Shi’as must get involved against this dangerous ideology which threatens Islam.

The source of emulation stressed that we can divide the fight against Wahhabism and Salafism into three fronts: military, political and intellectual-cultural and stressed that is the duty of religious scholars and the seminaries to engage in an intellectual and cultural struggle and we must prove that Wahhabism is alien and against Islam.


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