The Fallacy Of Iran Adventurism

The Fallacy Of Iran Adventurism:

The famous commander of Iran’s elite IRGC’s Quds Force, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, said: “Takfirism is a fire in the homes of our Sunni brothers. And those who created it thought they could… (use it to) bring the Islamic Republic and Shiism to their knees.”

The commander also questioned claims of “Iranian adventurism” in the region, stressing Iran’s measures are aimed at defending the dignity of all Muslims.

“Is it an adventurous move for the Islamic Republic to defend Muslims’ properties and lives… (and) to stop the destruction of Muslims’ mosques?” he asked?

To fully appreciate the contribution of #Iran to the safety and security of humanity especially in the Middle East region, one should just imagine the scenerio of #ISIS & #AlQaeda taking over #Syria, #Iraq, #Lebanon & #Yemen! What will happen to the population of those countries with the extreme cruelty of #ISIS that the world has seen and that shocked the whole world?

It is a fact that without the constructive effort of Iran and its allies, the murderous terrorist thugs of ISIS & AlQaeda will today have overan Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. And they will not stop there, with time they will overan most of the countries of the Middle East that included Saudi Arabia itself.

This is what the Saudi Wahhabi regime that back these murderous terrorist groups is calling “Iran adventurism”. To the mindset of the Saudi savages, Iran should allow ISIS & AlQaeda to butcher #Sunnis, #Shias and #Christian population of these countries and establish Wahhabi states to oppress people in the name of #Islam.

After Iran the biggest and most effective force fighting against ISIS & AlQaeda today is the Lebanese resistance group #Hezbollah. When Syria was on the verge of been overan by ISIS & AlQaeda, Hezbollah freedom fighters make sure that such a catastrophe never happened. When ISIS overan the Iraqi city of Mosul and threatened Baghdad, Hezbollah were among the first force to arrive in Iraq to halt the ISIS advance. Today Lebanon is insulated from ISIS & AlQaeda due to the security and presence of Hezbollah in Lebanon. It is not surprising that today the Saudi regime is targeting Hezbollah in a shameful smear campaign.

It is important to note that when the ISIS & AlQaeda thugs are killed in Syria and Iraq, the Saudi regime will tell Sunni Muslims that “Shias are killing Sunnis”. The Saudi regime spread such lies despite the fact that Sunni Muslims are the biggest victims of ISIS & AlQaeda. From all available statistics, the overwhelming majority of all the victims of ISIS, AlQaeda, BokoHaram etc are Muslims and among Muslims the Sunni Muslims are the majority of victims to Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi Terrorism.

It is high time that Muslims especially Sunni Muslims say “Enough Is Enough” to the murderous Wahhabi Terrorism in the name of #Islam that is sponsored by the primitive and barbaric Saudi regime. Just look back and reflect on all the killings and destructions, and ask “what has Islam and Muslims gained from all these”?

Harun Elbinawi


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