Re:Why is the AIT leading smear campaigns against IMN & Shia Islam in Nigeria

Re:Why is the AIT leading smear campaigns against IMN & Shia Islam in Nigeria:

I received a reply to my above piece from the founder of AIT Chief Raymond Dokpesi and his response was positive. He has directed the AIT management and News room to investigate the allegations raised and to make amends if found to be true.

He wrote:

“Be rest assured that AIT will definitely make amends if like you said you were not given sufficient air time or reports were not balanced. I believe that it was not intentional as there is no policy known to me to that effect. God bless you and I will surely keep in touch with you.”

I thanked him for his prompt reactions to our complains and he complained of some “insults” in the piece and I apologized and told him that was not the intention. He also asked for contacts of IMN leaders who can be reached to make comments/clarifications on any issues and I provided him with those contacts.

I reminded the Chief that AIT is one of networks that IMN contract during the yearly Ramadan Tafsir of Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky and that makes IMN among the customers of AIT. AIT is among the leading TV channels in #Nigeria and it is important to draw the attention of its owners when a dangerous agenda is being unveiled. The most wicked thing to do is to equate the peaceful IMN with the most deadliest terrorist group in the world.

Harun Elbinawi


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