A proof that the Nigerian government via the Nigerian Army is offering money to Nigerian websites to publish anti-IMN agenda. #NewsRescue, a Nigerian website, rejected the money.

A proof that the Nigerian government via the Nigerian Army is offering money to Nigerian websites to publish anti-IMN agenda. #NewsRescue, a Nigerian website, rejected the money.


By NewsRescue.

A latest well sponsored campaign against #Shia minority Muslims in Nigeria has just offered NewsRescue the sum of N12,000 to publish its propaganda messages against the 10 million minority Muslim sector of Nigeria

Speaking to a certain Mr. Jude Feranmi in Lagos, the contriver of the platform, a NewsRescue author was just offered the sum and told that the organisation is paying out similar sums to all blogs who are willing to promote its message.

The message, “No to Shiite extremism” has been broadcast by the AIT and was also on Vanguard and other Nigerian editorials.

Jude’s group in its unusually tailored message is campaigning to stop Nigeria’s millions of Shia Muslims who lost 1000 members in a brutal government action last December to “not take up arms against the state.”

While the organisation has no evidence of terror or prior radicalisation of this minority group, and has surprisingly failed to fully condemn the extrajudicial killing of the members, the group has a war-chest of cash to dole out to provoke the continued killing and unconstitutional detention of the Shia in Nigeria.

Over 200 Muslims have been detained since December. Islamic movement leader, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife’s whereabouts are yet unknown since they were kidnapped by the Nigerian army.

Properties of the minority sector were illegally destroyed and their graves exhumed in a “honor killing” action of the Nigerian army last December, roundly condemned by all world Human right organizations.

But a well sponsored campaign to oppress and harass the minority sector still continues as Chief of Army General T.Y. Buratai battles to save his neck and reputation.

The reality however is that as Nigeria’s arms of government continue to sponsor messages to alienate this large minority Muslim population, they are in effect promoting chaos and catastrophe in the nation by sponsoring extremists and extreme hate against this large sector.

Nigeria is grateful to the Shia who are globally known as peace-loving and not prone to terror compared to almost all religious groups except perhaps Buddhists. Most world terror organizations, like Boko Haram, Daesh (ISIS), AQIP, al-Qaeda and the like are extremist Sunni-sect, Wahhabi and Salafist terror groups with links to Saudi Arabia.

Nigerians must be frightened at the implications short and long term of the campaign of hate and calumny against the nation’s 10 million large, minority group.

Buratai: Campaign Against 10 million Shia Offers NewsRescue N12,000 To Publish Agenda


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