Deconstruction of the #Zaria_Massacre

Deconstruction of the #Zaria_Massacre:

The Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari have tried to present the picture that the brutal #Zaria_Massacre that killed 1000+ defenseless & unarmed #Shia_Muslims was a “military affair” and that he does not have the details of the whole issue yet until he see the report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry that was set up by the Kaduna State Government. This is a compound deception by the Nigerian President Buhari to deceive Nigerians and shield the leading role that he played in the brutal slaughter of defenseless Nigerians.

The Zaria massacre was a calculated, coordinated & pre-planned attacks that targeted the popular Nigerian Islamic scholar Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ). It was a foreign imperialist agenda that was executed by the Nigerian government via the Nigerian Army. Since after the brutal Zaria massacre, the Nigerian government via the Nigerian Army have changed the reason for the massacre four (4) times to justify the brutal slaughter of defenseless Nigerians.

The stage for the Zaria massacre did not start on the 12th December, 2015 when the killings started, the stage of the Zaria massacre started three (3) months before the brutal massacre when the Saudi satellite TV Channel, Wisal TV, ran a documentary on the rise of Shia Islam in #Africa with special reference to #Nigeria. The documentary was highly critical of the Nigerian Wahhabi clerics who failed to check the Shia earthquake in Nigeria.

Then 12th December, 2015 was chosen as the D-day of the attacks. The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Abuja was the command center of the operations and it was active as long as the attacks lasted. The Plan A was to assassinate Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on his way to Abuja or at the venue of the DanFodio Week in Abuja. The Resource Forum of the IMN used to organize the yearly “DanFodio Week” at the National Mosque Abuja to mark the life and times of the great nineteenth century Islamic scholar Sheikh Uthman Ibn Fodio (ra) and Sheikh Zakzaky has always been the Guest Speaker. But since the last year’s event coincided with the yearly rising of Flag at the Zaria Husseiniyya to mark the beginning of the celebrations for the birth anniversary of the Prophet ( sa ), Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky sent his Representative in Kaduna, Sheikh Mukhtar Sahabi, to represent him at the event.

And it is important to note that the passing out parade (PoP) of the Military Depot in Zaria always takes place on Friday but it was deliberately shifted to Saturday as preparatory to the massacre. And with all these in place the stage was set for the brutal crackdown on the peaceful Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) and its leadership.

After the failure of the Plan A with the failure of Sheikh Zakzaky to go to Abuja, Plan B was unfolded. But for the killings to start, a spark was needed and that spark was the killing of seven (7) members of IMN at the Zaria Husseiniyya in an unprovoked attack that triggered the protest by IMN youths. It is important to note that as the brutal attacks on the Zaria Husseiniyya was taking place, four (4) men met at the Palace of the Emir of Zaria to finalize plans to “finish-off Zakzaky”. Three (3) people were physically present at that venue while their boss was part of that meeting via phone.

Then the killings started where defenseless civilians that included women, #children and the aged were brutally slaughtered in the most inhuman manner. The Zaria Husseiniyya was bombarded by Tanks while hundreds of civilians were inside. Nigerians were burnt alive, women were raped then killed though one survived, women were shot in their private parts & stabbed in their breasts by the Nigerian Army and toddlers were shot at point blank. The Nigerian Army perpetrated a brutal slaughter of defenseless Nigerians in Zaria that will shock the most brutal and barbaric terrorist organizations.

One important point that escaped the attention of most pundits is that the first foreign entity to react on the Zaria massacre was King Salman of Saudi Arabia. He called the Nigerian President Buhari to commend him for a job well done and called for more. King Salman was the first to react because he had minute details of all the happenings in Zaria because the Saudi Abuja Embassy was the command center.

Another point to note is that since after the Zaria massacre, the Nigerian President Buhari has embarked on series of foreign trips that took him to Europe and Middle Eastern countries and in all these trips his National Security Adviser (NSA) was with him which is most unusual as the Nigerian government claimed that those trips were meant to “attract foreign investments”.

The visit of the Nigerian President Buhari to Egypt was to gain a first hand experience from a fellow tyrant al Sisi who also has the notorious record of killing close to 1000 Egyptian protesters in a single day at the Rabiyyatul Adawi square. His visit to Saudi Arabia was more specific as there was no single Christian on his entourage to Saudi Arabia and all those Northern Nigeria elites who voiced support for the brutal Zaria massacre met the Nigerian President Buhari at Saudi Arabia. They included the Emir of Kano and all the leaders of #Wahhabism in #Nigeria.

One important point to note about the recent Nigerian President Buhari visit to Saudi Arabia is that at the same time of his visit, a high-ranking #Israeli delegation also visited Saudi Arabia. Israeli Channel 10 recently reported that a high-level Israeli delegation, led by a top official figure, visited the Saudi capital city of Riyadh some weeks ago. That “top official” is the Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya’alon. Moshe Ya’alon said on 3rd March, 2016 that “#Iran is dangerous for Sunni states”.

And another issue that is worth nothing is that the Qatari TV channel, AlArabiya English, quoted the Nigerian President Buhari anti-Iranian remarks that Iran is “sowing division and sectarian sedition” in Africa. This statement by the Nigerian President was a verbetim quotation of the Saudi FM against Iran. And immediately the Nigerian President Buhari returned from his recent trip, some sponsored hoodlums went to the Iranian Embassy to protest what they claimed “Iranian interference in #Nigeria”.

To any keen observer, from all the above mentioned facts it is very clear that the Nigerian government under President Buhari is sponsoring a dangerous narrow Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi agenda in Nigeria. An agenda that is fully backed by the bloodsucking Western imperialism & Global Zionism. And whoever study the recent history of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi agenda in various Muslim countries will realize that it only brought bloody wars and wanton destructions in those countries.

For the past 37 years the Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky have been peaceful and will remain peaceful according to all statements and press releases by its leadership. The #IMN leadership have persistently warned that there are plans to launch False Flag Operations in its name and the Israelis are the masters of False Flag Operation & from the above painted picture the Israelis were properly captured.

Finally, Nigerians have it as a duty to protect and defend their country’s freedom and independence. And Nigerians must reject this narrow Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi agenda in Nigeria that will only turn Nigeria into an Emirate of the savage Saudi regime. Nigerians must also reject the attempt to divide them along religious and sectarian lines to serve a foreign evil agenda.

Harun Elbinawi


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