The US-Saudi led genocide in Yemen

The #US – #Saudi led genocide in Yemen:

The Saudi Ambassador to Britain Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz wrote in The Telegraph daily on Monday that:

“Saudi Arabia is bombing in Yemen to bring peace and stability,”

The Saudi-led coalition bombings have killed 8000+ people in Yemen of which more than 90% of them are civilians. Among this figure close too 2000 are children.

To further justify the genocide of #Yemeni civilians, the Saudi prince said: “For instance, UK military personnel are providing assistance in targeting…”

The Saudi prince mentioned the #UK as if their presence is the license to killing 1000s of innocent civilians in #Yemen that included women and #children. The presence of US & UK personnel is a further proof that Western imperialism is behind the genocide of civilians in Yemen. The House of Saud are as usual just tools of Western imperialism.

On Thursday, the European Parliament called on the European Union to impose an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia in response to allegations of civilian casualties in Yemen.

“Our duty is to the civilians in Yemen, and given widespread and very valid concerns over the conduct of the war by Saudi forces, our call for an EU-wide arms embargo is proportionate and necessary,” said Alyn Smith, one of the lawmakers who spearheaded the vote.

Human rights groups have called for President Barack Obama to follow the EU Parliament’s lead and impose an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia, but US security experts said Washington was unlikely to do that.

“The Obama administration is basically tolerating civilian casualties in Yemen and giving lip service that they are concerned,” said William Hartung, an adviser to the Security Assistance Monitor.

He said the United States continues to sell cluster bombs to the Saudis because of a number of geopolitical and economic factors.

Washington’s long-standing role as an arms supplier to Saudi Arabia, he said, has been very lucrative for American companies.



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