Iranian Elections have come and gone, there are winners and looser in every contest. Let’s not dwell much on that. The Hardliners should re-group and work hard in next elections.

The moderate camp exploited their role in the #IranDeal & they improved on their lot in the Iranian parliament and Assembly of Experts.

Most activists outside #Iran do not like the moderates as they considered them the weak-link in Iran. Supporters of the Islamic Revolution outside Iran trusted and supported the Hardliners because they are uncompromising towards the arrogant Western imperialists.

I personally am not comfortable with the rising popularity of Hashimi Rafsanjani, I used to like and respect him in the past but his family played a role in the 2009 Greenee revolt that was 100% false flag operation sponsored by the West to destroy the Revolution from within. Though people claimed that he did what he did due to his hatred for the former Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadenajad. But to be honest I do not trust Hashimi Rafsanjani…

Some brothers considered this as a sign of infiltration by the greedy bloodsucking Western capitalists who desperately want to dilute the message of the Revolution but I have the absolute confidence of Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei to contain all tide.



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