The solutions to Nigerian problems lies in Nigeria

The solutions to Nigerian problems lies in Nigeria:

The Nigerian President Buhari think that by prostrating to the altar of the New World Order ( NWO ), licking their dirty boots, cleaning their toilets, washing their dirty laundries & worshiping them as his gods will make them help him to solve the problems of #Nigeria.

His government deliberately targeted the Islamic scholar Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky who is a symbol of peace in Nigeria to further the agenda of Western imperialism in #Africa. In doing that he destroyed the Zaria Husseiniyya as a favor to the corrupt Saudi Wahhabi regime that is a lap dog of Western imperialism who only promote a bloody sectarian agenda in the Islamic world. The Nigerian Army killed 1000+ defenseless & unarmed Nigerians in Zaria to further this Evil agenda.

In the past eight months, the Nigerian President Buhari has traveled to more than 20 countries with huge entourage & all his visits have yielded nothing to the Nigerian economy. His last point of call was Saudi Arabia where the tyrannical Saudi rulers want Nigeria to join their fraudulent “Islamic military alliance” that was designed to counter the ascendancy of Iran. The Nigerian President and his ruling cabal will want to join to get the much needed funds but they fear the Christian backlash in Nigeria.

Despite all these loyalties to the NWO by the Nigerian President, the prices of essential commodities in Nigeria keep skyrocketing & the poor that were already suffering continue to suffer under his watch. There is also the resurgence of #BokoHaram despite much denials by the Nigerian government but defenseless Nigerians are being killed daily by these murderous thugs.

The clueless Nigerian President should understand that the solutions to Nigerian problems are not found in the White House, No.10 Downing Street, the French presidential palace, the palaces of the House of Saud or inside the Ka’ba. Every Mosques represent the Ka’ba and God does not only exist only in Mecca.

The solutions of Nigerian problems are found in Nigeria and can only be solved by Nigerians. Brutally killings of defenseless Nigerians to serve a foreign imperialist agenda will never solve the problems of Nigeria. In flaming religious and sectarian fault lines will never solve the problems of Nigeria. Political marginalizion of the Igbo ethnic group which is the third largest ethnic group in Nigeria will only add to Nigerian problems.

Countries such as #Iran and Russia whose economics were also affected by the dwindling Oil prices have succeeded in limiting the damage such low Oil prices will do to their economics by diversifying their economy. What the Nigerian government should ask is how did these countries succeeded and how can Nigeria benefit from their experience.

It is a known fact in Nigeria today that an increasingly number of Nigerians that voted for this government in the last elections are regretting doing so and this is due to the fact that the present Nigerian government is all about noice making and grossly lacked practical modalities to solve the problems bedevilling Nigeria today.

It is high time that Nigerians caution President Buhari to stop being the lap dog of Western imperialism & to be the President for all Nigerians. Nigerians deserve a better life that what is available today & the globe-trotting of President Buhari will never attract foreign investment to Nigeria since the conducive enabling environment for such investments is absent.

Harun Elbinawi


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