Updates On #Zaria_Massacre:Nigeria Tobe Sold To The Saudi regime For $2.5billion

Updates On #Zaria_Massacre:Nigeria Tobe Sold To The Saudi regime For $2.5billion

Immediately after the brutal #Zaria_Massacre by the Nigerian Army that killed 1000+ defenseless Nigerians in Zaria, we declared that it was a foreign – sponsored agenda by Western imperialism & Global Zionism using the Saudi regime as usual as a front. After the Zaria killings, the Nigerian Army collected all the dead bodies of the victims burnt/buried them in mass graves to bury the evidences.

Late last month the State Governors of the 19 Northern States were summoned to Saudi Arabia under the cover of securing the Saudi – controlled IDB loan and given instructions on how to further crack down on followers of Shia Islam in Nigeria. They were promised $200 million as “loans” to execute this Evil agenda. They have started unveiling this Saudi-sponsored agenda by intensifying anti-Shia propaganda in government – owned media outfits across most states of Northern Nigeria.

After their visit the Nigerian President Buhari announced his three nation visit to Egypt, #Qatar and #SaudiArabia. The last two countries are the two official Wahhabi nations that funds all murderous terrorism in the name of #Islam and #ShiaGenocide in Muslim countries.

There are strong indications that the Saudi regime will offer the Nigeria President Buhari about $2.5billion to fund his 2016 budget. The Saudi Wahhabi King Salman is happy with Nigerian President Buhari for recently killing 1000+ defenseless & unarmed #Shia_Muslims in Zaria & destroying the iconic Zaria #Husseiniyya.

But this offer by the Saudi regime is not for free, the Saudi despot will expect the Nigerian government to give full backing to its bloody foreign policies, continue the detention of Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky, further crackdown on the activities and programs of #IMN & to be the Saudi outpost in the African continent. In short the Saudi King Salman want Nigeria to be another Saudi Emirate on the African continent just like #Senegal.

The ball now is in the court of Nigerians if they will allow a great and promising nation like Nigeria become a Banana Republic for the Saudi savages who only know how to kill and destroy and never to build and make progress. It is important to note that #Wahhabism is an intolerant ideology and they will not stop at Nigerian Shia Muslims alone. After Shia Islam these bloodthirsty savages will come after Nigerian Christians and they will start with Christians of Northern Nigeria.

It will be a great shame if Nigerians allow their country build by the sacrifice of our illustrious ancestors be sold to Saudi savages for $2.5billion by an arrogant sadist of a tyrant who murdered 1000+ Nigerians just to please his foreign sponsors. Today this is not about IMN or Shia Muslims, this is about the freedom and independence of Nigeria as a nation. I do not see the reason why the primitive – minded savage Wahhabi tyrant of Saudi Arabia will decide what is best for Nigeria as a nation.

Nigeria should have an independent foreign policy that is not tele-guided by Saudi savages who are the major sponsors of all the murderous terrorist groups that are killing innocent people in the name of #Islam. In terms of scientific & technological progress, the future is China, Russia and Iran. The Saudi savages are hate – mongerers and Wahhabi Terrorism incubators, these are deadly poisons that Nigeria should keep away from.

Harun Elbinawi


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