Zaria Massacre is Akin to Re-enacting Karbala Tragedy – – Sheikh Adam Tsoho Jos

Zaria Massacre is Akin to Re-enacting Karbala Tragedy– Sheikh Adam Tsoho Jos

By Miji Naseer and Abdullahi Isah Wasagu

The Leader of Jos chapter of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, Sheikh Adamu Tsoho Jos had on Saturday, 13/02/2016, strongly condemned the unprecedented Zaria pogrom, linked the atrocious crime as akin to the tragedy of Karbala.

The cleric stated this during the birth Day celebration of the Grand-daughter of the Prophet ( sa ), Sayyeda Zainab ( as ), organized by brothers and sisters in the chapter. Sheikh Adamu further stated that, the perpetrators of this scandalous crime against humanity claimed to be responsible agents in the society. They were recruited with a view to protecting the lives and properties of Nigeria citizens, but owing to contrary motives of Western arrogance spearheaded and apartheid Nigerian Government, they resorted to the extermination of lives of hundreds of innocent and law abiding citizens.

According to him, “This unforgettable tyranny in annals of Islamic Movement’s history is really akin or far beyond the heinous crime of Karbala. In Karbala, women were not murdered; were not burnt alive, juveniles were not killed or burnt alive as indiscriminately murdered, burnt alive during Zaria carnage. In Karbala tragedy, only a child were killed where as dozens of juveniles were killed and burnt alive in Zaria.”

The scholar expounded that, an Aunt to the revered leader of the Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, was burnt alive after sustaining gun shot at her leg. This is in addition to the dozens of youth including sisters of the Movement that were burnt. The Aunt of Sheikh Zakzaky after acknowledging what is going on in Sheikh’s resident, hasten to the house to sympathize with him on the catastrophe that befell him. Upon her arrival, she was arrested by the Army, shot at the leg. Upon insisting to have a farewell with her akin brother(Sheikh Zakzaky), she was mercilessly dragged on the ground to a safe room along side a sister that come in help of her. They were lucked inside the room and set it on fire.

Sheikh Adamu Tsoho explained how this senseless Army indiscriminately shot a one and half year-old daughter, a seven year old child at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, in addition to innumerable children of young ages. A one and half year-old daughter was shot at the head after killing her father. No sooner had these Army killed the father when the young daughter stepped to the house door of Sheikh Zakzaky’s house, calling Abba ! Abba!! when these Army instantly shot her.

A seven year old daughter was shot at the precinct of Husainiyyah. At that very instant, a father was holding his young under two-aged daughter, upon seeing how the boy was shot, he ran for his assistance upon which they shot him too. When his younger daughter witnessed the falling of her beloved father at her two starring eyes, she ran to her father shouting out Daddy ! Daddy !. As she reached closer to his corp, she was mercilessly shot down.

Recalling to President Good Luck administration, the cleric expressed Zaria genocide as the worst blood birth when compared to Qudus Day killings. He said, “In Qudus Day, only 34 were killed, among which include 3 paternal sons of the Sheikh. After the incident, the President get touched with the Sheikh, expressing, “Sorry Sir, Sorry Sir”. In Zaria pogrom, thousands were deliberately exterminated. While this heinous incident was happening, President Buhari was away oversees. But the tragic news reached him in where he turned deep ears to it. The Governor under the domain of the incident was present in the state. He was even seen passing by along the precincts of the Husainiyya. For over 48 hours of the upset situation, he never uttered anything regarding the incident.

Before rounding off his speech, he lamented on how the geneses of this catastrophe befell brothers and sisters. At just the beginning of the glorious Month of Rabi’ul Auwal, while brothers were happily preparing to raise a white flag in substitute to the black one to usher the fall of the new when they plunged into indiscriminate killings, notorious vandalization of monumental structures such as Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Darul Rahmah, cemetery of the Sheikh’s late Aunt, and his house in addition to his apprehension after spaying him with bullets.

At the end of his speech, he underplayed this unprecedented crime which touched the hearts of both faithful Muslims and even non-Muslims over the World, would never be forgotten nor forgiven and stands in the pages of history of the Movement.

He then recited supplications upon God’s revenge and reiterates the call for the Government to immediately free him without conditions. The gathering witnessed large number of attendants as usual.

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