Nigerian President Buhari visit to Saudi Arabia

Nigerian President Buhari visit to Saudi Arabia:

The Nigerian President Buhari will leave today for Egypt on his first leg of three nations tour that included Egypt, Qatar & Saudi Arabia. The visit to the first two countries is a decoy to make it look like a tour, the main target of the trip is Saudi Arabia.

The Nigerian President #TyrantBuhari after his Army had brutally slaughtered 1000+ defenseless & unarmed #Shia_Muslims in Zaria & destroyed the iconic Zaria Husseiniyya will go to #SaudiArabia to receive the reward for these services from the House of #Saud.

He will also perform Umrah to the Lord of the Ka’aba who is also the Lord of those men, women, #children & the aged that the #Nigerian_Army brutally killed in the #Zaria_Massacre & burnt/buried their dead bodies to bury the evidences.

Come to think of it, even if one killed 1000+ animals unjustly, what will be the retribution from the Lord of those animals while these wicked & evil Nigerian oppressors killed 1000+ Nigerians & are doing everything humanly possible to bury what was undoubtedly a war crime.

To the Nigerian President Buhari, the Lord of the Ka’aba does not accept prayers that will avert His retribution on those who wickedly slaughtered 1000+ of his servants. And the House of Saud who are themselves war criminals can only reward you with money and wealth & all that will end in this world. And for an old man of 70+ years like you, how many more years do you have more to live in this world that will make you serve a Zio-Wahhabi agenda that murdered 1000+ souls?

“Whoever does an atom weight of good will see it….
Whoever does an atom weight of evil will see it….”



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