Bahrain:The Torch Of Freedom on the 5th anniversary of uprising

Bahrain:The Torch Of Freedom on the 5th anniversary of uprising

Today #14thFeb is the fifth anniversary of the #Bahraini Revolution against the Western – backed Despotic AlKhalifa regime. Absolute monarchy still exist in the #Arab world where a single family imposed by the colonialist control everything in a country. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE etc falls within this category.

In Saudi Arabia it is even more worst as the whole country is named after the British – imposed AlSaud family. Only members of these ruling families control the government’s, there are no Parliaments in those countries & there are no independent Judiciary as the judiciary is the wimp & caprice of the despotic tyrant.

All the despotic Arab regimes are puppets of Western powers, the absolute monarchy facilitate imperialism & domination by the greedy bloodsucking Western capitalists. To keep these despotic tyrants in power, Western powers aid & abate them in the suppression of opposition to their rule. Western human rights organizations looked the other way to the gross human rights violations & abuses of these Western – backed regimes.

The multinational Oil companies of the West controls all operations of the Oil and gas industries of these countries. They also control the skilled work force of these countries. For example in Saudi Arabia only 4% of their Engineers are indigenous, that means 96% of all their Engineers are foreign expatriates.

Western powers create imaginary threats to these unsecured and unstable regimes to force them but billions of dollars of weapons and equipment. Western powers also make billions of dollars yearly by selling hi-tech weapons & arms to these Arab despotic regimes are are technologically backward and can not operate such hi-tech weapons. In most cases these regimes do not have the expertise to operate and service these equipment so huge contrast are given to Western firms.

It is due to these reasons that the oppressed people of Bahrain rose up in 2011 during the Arab spring to call for an end to the absolute monarchy, greater political participation for the people, respect for the human rights & popular democracy. Unlike in other Arab countries, the uprisings of the oppressed people of Bahrain and the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia were ignored by the Western mainstream media.

Today the oppressed people of Bahrain commemorate the fifth anniversary of the popular uprising, it is our hope that they become victorious in their legitimate quest for freedom and independent from Western imperialism.

Harun Elbinawi


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