#Wahhabism:”Shias are not Muslims”

#Wahhabism:”Shias are not #Muslims”

The cult of Wahhabism is built upon the pillar of excommunicating Muslims from #Islam. That ignorance-enabled cult appointed itself as the “#Registrar” of Muslims, to determine who is a Muslim & who is not. They behave as if Paradise & Hell are in their possession, & only they gives reward & punishment.

This deviant cult was created by the #British Empire to destroy the Othman Empire & when they succeeded in that they found Wahhabism as an effective tool to light fire in the house of Islam. It is not by accident but by design that all the murderous terrorist groups that are killing people in the name of Islam are offshoots of Wahhabism. #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram, #Taliban, #AlShabab, #AlSaud regime etc, anywhere you see “Muslims” that are wicked & heartless with no human feelings or human compassion then they are contaminated with Wahhabism.

Anywhere that there is discuss on Shia Islam, if a Wahhabi is present their first comment is “Shias are not Muslims”. The questions are who gave the brainless Wahhabis the certification of the Islam – ness of a person? And who appointed the Wahhabis the “Registrars” of Muslims? And what are the house addresses of Wahhabis in Paradise?

In Islam it is only God that certify the Islam – ness of a person but the ignorance-enabled Wahhabis want to usurp this right of God. The seal of all Prophets and Messengers of God Muhammad Al-Mustapha ( sa ) declared that whomever believed in the Kalimah is a Muslim but the Wahhabis said no to this declaration. To them for one to be a Muslim, one must follow the deviant teachings of that Najdi pretender Muhammad Ibn Abdulwahhab (l).

Followers of Wahhabism are not only intolerant to other Muslims & followers of other religions but they are intolerant to themselves! In #Syria, both the terrorist groups of #ISIS & #AlQaeda – linked Al Nusra Front are offshoots of Wahhabism but they had killed more than 12,000 terrorists of each other! In Afghanistan today Taliban & ISIS are at war with each other, & that is how it is across the Islamic world.

One trick that the Wahhabis uses to poison the minds of Sunni Muslims about Shia Islam is that “Shias are abusing Sahabas”. From this phrase one will think the Shias are abusing all Sahabas of the Prophet ( sa ) that included Imam Ali ( as ), Sayyeda Fatima (as), Imams Hassan & Hussein ( as )! There were more than 100,000 Sahabas of the Prophet ( sa ) & those that Shia & Sunni have different opinions about them are not more than 20! And the only difference is that the Sunnis said they were just while the Shias disagree to that based on historical proofs.

On a final note, Muslims especially #Sunnis should understand that the death & destruction pervading the Islamic world today is caused by the deviant teachings of #Wahhabism. And also the excruciating atmosphere of hate, intolerance & division that pervades the Islamic world today has Wahhabism as the root cause. Wahhabis will tell #Sunnis that #Shias are not Muslims, then the same Wahhabis will turn back and say Sunnis are not Muslims!

From all available statistics, the biggest victims of the murderous Wahhabi Terrorism are Sunni Muslims. This statistic is correct in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan etc. Is it not time for Sunni Muslims to say “Enough Is Enough”?!

Harun Elbinawi


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