#Zaria_Massacre:Mission Impossible By Abdullahi Buba

#Zaria_Massacre: Mission Impossible
Abdullahi Buba; abdulmaikano85@gmail.com

The December 12 – 13, 2015 barbaric, inhuman, merciless, and heartless killings of armless, defenseless, voiceless, and helpless civilians by the Nigerian Army in the ancient city of Zaria which claimed the lives of an approximate 1000 people while others burned alive has being issue of discussion among the elites, human rights activists, and men of concise at both national and international levels. The avoidable horrific assault against humanity has been lamented by local and international rights groups for using disproportionate force against victims of the heartbreaking incident.

So far cabal in the Nigerian army with killer instinct have put forward contradictory justifications for their crime against humanity including assassination attempt by the victims against the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), road blockage, suspected possession of weapons, and moves toward creation of a state within state. The question that one needs to ask is whether anyone found culpable of committing any of the aforementioned crimes is punishable through extra judicial killings and the laws of the land empowered the military to prosecute and execute the offenders?

Nigeria as a secular state guaranteed protection of lives and properties of its citizens without any prejudice as stipulated by the constitution of the land. Unfortunately, the minority ruling class in the country has continued to misappropriate public funds to their selfish interest without due diligent to egalitarian allocation and distribution of state’s scarce resources to common ends. The ruling class has also succeeded in nurturing divisive policies with view of diverting public attention from their hardship and apportioned severe sanctions against any voice seeking for redress or establishment of social order and/or economic equality among teeming population in the country with diverse socio-cultural orientations.

Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) under the leadership of its revered leader His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub El-Zakzaky (H) on the other hand, has being actively engaged in mobilisation of public opinion of the suppressed Nigerian masses irrespective of their socio-economic status, ethno-religious background, and political orientations against any divisive, dictatorial, and tyrannical regime in the country. As a result of its relentless crusade against socio-economic injustice and advocacy for civil liberty, social justice, and economic fairness in Nigeria in particular and Africa at large there is an estimated 10 million people who inclined with the principles of the movement. It is also evident that the movement has never resort to violence or wanton destruction of properties in advocacy for its cause throughout history. Yet, members of IMN and their leadership have being under unjustifiable persecutions and coercions from successive regimes (both military and civilian rules) throughout its 40 years of existence.

The unfortunate Zaria carnage can be regarded as a calculated and premeditated reprehensible and abominable act aimed at triggering a wider bloodletting and endless conflict in the country that would pave way for continues usurpation of our untapped mineral resources by the western hegemony. This is because, experience has shown that the impunity and brigandage of our security forces not only undermines peace and stability within our economy, it also enhances incursion of western imperialists whose aim is to exploit our untapped mineral resources for their industrial sector development.

Unfortunately for the invisible hand behind the brutal massacre, the only success recorded was that they heartlessly killed an average of 21 unarmed civilians per hour. This implied that, for the architect of the ungodly brutality to exterminate the remaining members of the movement need on average 476,143 hours, or 19,839 days, or 54 years consecutively using same machineries, or ammunitions and they must also maintained consistent morale among its bloodthirsty killer squad.

However, to the greatest disappointment of the invisible hand behind the gruesome murder in Zaria IMN has never considered violence as a means to attain its precious objective even under intimidation. The response of the IMN to similar unprovoked clampdown by the same Nigerian army on July 25, 2014 that led to the wanton killings of 34 members of the movement including 3 biological sons of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) and a Christian brethren Chief Julius Anyanwu after successful completion of annual international Quds Day in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine is a testimony to peaceful conduct of IMN. By and large, whatever mission the invisible hand wanted to achieve, it is becoming evident that it is an impossible mission as IMN will never resort to cowardice and also the fact that no amount of uncivilized brutality and intimidation ever suppressed the truth in the history of mankind.

In conclusion, as we remain resolute to justice for the crime against humanity to its logical conclusion, we equally reiterate our unresolved demand for unconditional release of our leader and other members illegally detained incommunicado; release of corpses of our brothers and sisters; full compensation of our properties destroyed by the Nigerian Army; and impartial investigation in to the genocide by independent and incorruptible commission of inquiry.



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