A Letter From A Nigerian Citizen To Nigerian Acting President Yemi Osinbajo

A Letter from a Nigerian brother to Nigerian Acting President Yemi Osinbajo. Though this Letter is symbolic but good points are raised. If care is not taken the arrogancy, high headedness & lack of respect for the laws of Nigeria by the ailing President Buhari will bring irreversible damage to Nigeria especially in the issues to handling the Biafra agitation in the Southeast & the militants of the South-South.

Read the Letter:

Dear acting president, Yemi Osinbajo

I would first like to remind you that as a professor of Law, you are fully aware that the continued incarceration of our supreme leader, Sheikh Zakzaky, without access to his relatives, followers and well-wishers is against the universal chatter on human rights, it is even against the constitution of this country with which it is based to assign you to the post of president on acting capacity. Sir, I do hope you will be more human to the suffering of our persecuted brothers than Buhari by unconditionally releasing our leader and setting up an unbiased committee of inquiry to investigate the whereabouts of 705 of our missing members. Even though you are on acting capacity, I hope you will be more compassionate to our travail and speak on the engineered in Zaria. I hope you will try your utmost best to bring stability in North East which is battered by Boko Haram, North West where a wanton carnage of untold proportion took place; South East, where Buhari’s lopsided and pro-Northern appointments have made them feel alienated and ostracised propelling them to even agitate for their own country. I also hope you will not allow the tension in Niger Delta to spiral out of control. As axiomatic as you know, diplomacy is better than resorts to war and sabre-rattling
Sir, Our economy is in tatters, naira is on a free fall, joblessness is getting worse, religious intolerance in the mainland north is adding piquancy to the radicalisation of our youths. Sir, I know you are on acting capacity, despite the transient period, I hope you would reverse the highfalutan challenges we are encountering. You do not need to talk let alone give us any plausible excuse, we just demand that you act.

-Aliyu Smith Almusawi



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