Nigerians Used & Dumped – A Critical Analysis

Nigerians Used & Dumped – A Critical Analysis

The Nigerian minster of science & technology recently said that hopefully Nigerian will start manufacturing #pencils by 2018. This underline the mental bankruptcy of the present Nigerian rulers. If I may ask what is so complex in the production of pencils that will take Nigeria two years to realize?

The fact that Nigeria do not even manufacture simple components like pencil & matches underlines the extremely low level of technological status of the country. Almost everything is imported in #Nigeria & this explain the huge capital flight that the Nigerian economy is facing today.

I also read a report that described Nigeria as the largest importer of #Tomatoes paste in the world despite the fact that Nigeria have a huge belt that is conducive for Tomatoes farming in Northern Nigeria. Nigerian’s record of biggest importer is not limited to Tomatoes, such records include most of all consumables that the country needs.

A country like Nigeria that produces almost nothing & consume all will surely have huge unemployment problems where the large section of the country will either be underemployed or unemployed. Most social vices in Nigeria today such as #BokoHaram insurgency, Kidnappings, armed robbery, Oil bunkering, advanced fraud known as 419 etc canbe attributed to the rampant unemployment rate of the country.

The clueless Nigerian elites only depends on funds that accrued from the sales of Crude oil of which most of these funds are looted by these corrupt elites, only little trickle down to the poverty-stricken Nigerian masses. And when these corrupt elites loots these funds they do not invest them in Nigeria, they take them to foreign financial institutions in the West & Asian countries for “save keeping” or buy choice properties to make such funds “disappear”.

The present Nigerian government came with lots of goodwill from the broad section of Nigerians that it will not be business as usual & that Nigeria will be return to the path of progress & development. But the 7 months of the existence of the government & the fraudulent #Budget it recently presented to the National Assembly, it is becoming increasingly clear that Nigerians are only used & dumped by power-hungry self-centered politicians who do have the ability to take Nigeria out of the woods. Today after 7 months of the present Nigerian government, hardship & poverty has increased with people increasingly losing their jobs due to the economic downturn & most families finding it difficult to feed.

The human rights status of the present Nigerian government is in its lowest state as the government blatantly disregard courts orders that it sworn to protect. People are increasingly targeted & arrested for the simple reason of criticizing the government, the case of Dr.John Danfulani who is a senior Lecturer at the Kaduna state University is a good example.

The recent brutal #Zaria_Massacre by the Nigerian Army in which more than one thousand defenseless Shia Muslims were killed in Zaria, Northern Nigeria, is another case of gross human rights violations by the present Nigerian government. Instead of the Nigerian government to establish an independent & credible commission of Inquiry to investigate the Zaria massacre, the Nigerian government established a kangaroo commission that is populated by die-hard Salafis who have ShiaGenocide as an agenda and retired military officers who have vested interest. There in no Single member of the active Nigerian human rights community in that commission.

Another negative human rights direction of the present Nigerian government is the recent reinstatement of an Army General who was implicated in mass murder. He was suspended by the former Nigerian government pending investigation due to his role in the killings of defenseless Nigerian civilians but the present government dubiously cleared him of all charges.

The beauty of democracy is that this government have a four-year life span when National #elections will be held. With the first year of this government almost gone, there is no sign that the hopes & aspirations of Nigerians for a better Nigeria will be realized.



Harun Elbinawi


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