The #BokoHaram Attack

The #BokoHaram Attack:

Recently Nigerian President #TyrantBuhari boasted that they have technically defeated #BokoHaram but the terrorists just killed 100+ Nigerians that included women, children & the aged. The terrorists operated for 4 hours killings, burning & destroying unchallenged by Nigerian security forces. Terrorists burnt #children alive for 4 hours.

The same #Nigerian_Army that failed to protect Nigerians recently killed 1000+ defenseless Shia Muslims in Zaria, burnt some of them alive, raped women & buried the corpses in mass graves to bury the evidences.

The Nigerian Army Chief Buratai who is undoubtedly a war criminal while facing the Nigerian human rights commission claimed that Nigerian Shia Muslims are worst than #BokoHaram. This war criminal made this allegation while the fact remained that the IMN & all its members have never killed a single person in its entire 38 years of existence.

Instead of the Nigerian government to concentrate on the #BokoHaram insurgency & protecting vulnerable Nigerians, they are busy killing defenseless Shia Muslims in Nigeria and targeting the peaceful Sheikh #Zakzaky who has consistently being peaceful in all his activities. When the Nigerian government killed 3 of his biological Sons 18 months ago, he prevented all protest & called for peace. Yet the present Nigerian rulers brought another brutal tragedy upon him by killing 3 of his biological Sons again, burning his residence & destroying all his properties that included valuables Books & literatures that he painstakingly collected over the years.

Our heartfelt condolences to all the families of the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia & Syria. The author of those inhuman attacks on defenseless civilians is one & the same. And may the Merciful God heal all those injured! #HumanityHasNoBorders



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