Insinuations Of The Ignorant:

Insinuations Of The Ignorant:

Nigerian Wahhabis have been brainwashing #Sunni_Muslims that the brutal #Zaria_Massacre by the Nigerian Army is ” a Calamity from God upon #Shia_Muslims for ‘insulting’ companions & Aisha”.

I ask these brainless Wahhabis: “What is the ‘sin’ of the people of #Dalori in Borno State that #BokoHaram yesterday attacked their village, burnt the whole village down, killed 100+ & burnt #children alive”?

And why has God not bring Calamity upon those who insulted & blasphemed Prophet Muhammad ( sa ) or is the position of those mentioned companions greater than that of the Messenger of God ( sa )?

Only those suffering from compound ignorance & intellectually ineptitude will attribute the brutal & inhuman massacre of defenseless Nigerians to God. God condemned all injustice & oppression, & declared that there is no veil between Him & the oppressed & unjust killings are among the highest form of oppression.

Moreover, Nigeria Shia Muslims do not insult companions of the Prophet ( sa ) or his wives. The #Quran had declared the wives of the Prophet ( sa ) as “the mothers of believers”, then why insult them? It is clear to all that Sunni & Shia Islam both have their understanding & interpretation of historical events that happened after the demise of the Prophet ( sa ). Muslims should understand that those who spread discord among them are enemies of Islam.
Nigerian Muslims should disregard such malicious insinuations of the most ignorant whose agenda is to divide Muslims & poison the environment for unity of #Muslims. They always serve the imperialist agenda of division that will facilitate domination by the enemy.

Harun Elbinawi


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