Advice To The Youths Of The Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN)

Advice To The Youths Of The Islamic Movement of Nigeria:

This is my personal advice to the youths of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) especially to the leaders of the Abul Fadl Abbas Foundation. My attention was drawn to your recent write – up on the brutal Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army & your personal attacks on certain individuals in the Nigerian government.

First & foremost, you must understand who was Abul Fadl Abbas (as) that your organisation bears his name? And what role did he played in the #Karbala Tragedy? Was Abul Fadl Abbas (as) just a brother of Imam Hussein (as) or was he more than that? These are important question that you must answer to fully understand the role & responsibility of that great personality.

Whoever is associated with the eternal name of Abul Fadl Abbas (as) should be loyal & show obedience to the leadership, such people should also be fair & just to all. After the brutal Zaria massacre, there are serving Ministers in the present Nigerian government that strongly condemned the massacre in private. To publicly attack such people using any excuses is unfair & unjust.

We all know the gravity of the Zaria massacre & we also know that most of those killed & missing are youths, but that should not cloud our judgement as to do what is right. After the Zaria massacre, the #FreeZakzaky campaign organisation was formed to coordinate all programs & activities of the peaceful protest to give justice to the oppressed & those whose honor & rights were violated by the Nigerian government, it is very important to follow the lead & direction of this leadership. Doing anything out of these defined boundaries is counter – productive & should be rejected.

I warned you of the influence of infiltrators who will encourage you do things that you are not suppose to do, the enemy is very wicked & clever. It is very important to understand the enemy & not to fall into the trap of the enemy. All your programs and activities should be in line with the programs & activities of the #FreeZakzaky campaign organisation.

Once again I sent 1000s of salutations to you for your courage, dedication & patience in the face of this monumental savagery that shocked the whole world. Be assured that the perpetrators of this inhuman monumental crime will have an ignoble place in history. What happened in the Zaria massacre was undoubtedly a war crime & we all know the place of all war criminals of history.

As for the hundreds of families of the Martys please once again accept our heartfelt condolences for losing your loved ones. As for the Martyrs, you have done your duty & God willing we will do ours. As for all those injured, God heal your pains & provide comfort. As for the perpetrators of that brutal massacre, know that the justice of God is certain in all affairs.

Harun Elbinawi


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