The List is a provisional List

The List:

The List of 705 missing members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) released today is a provisional List as more names will be added to the List as the investigation continues. On that fateful day Members of IMN came to Zaria from all over #Nigeria to attend the change of flag ceremony that will usher in the month of the birth anniversary of the Messenger of God (as).

This List released by IMN with all their pictures are those Nigerians that are unaccounted for after the brutal Zaria massacre. The Nigerian government & the Nigerian Army authorities should be held responsible for their whereabouts. It is either they were killed or whatever but those that sent heavily-armed soldiers to attacked & killed defenseless civilians should tell the world what they did to these Nigerians.

It is important to note that IMN have their pictures, their identifications & their family members who are ready to testify & give evidence. The world should begin to imagine the genocide that took place in Zaria on the 12th & 13th December, 2015. It was barbaric, brutal, inhuman & wicked to say the least. It was the peak of inhumanity to man, a monstrous savagery that only #Wahhabism can inspire.



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