Nigerian Army Chief Buratai implicated in the $ 2.1 billion arms scandal

Nigerian Army Chief Buratai implicated in the $2.1 billion arms scandal:

The war criminal Nigerian Army Chief Buratai is implicated in the $2.1 billion arms scandal that is called #DasukiGate in #Nigeria. He was the Director of procurement of the Nigerian military between 2012 – 2015.

In #DasukiGate billions of US dollars were budgeted by the Nigerian government to buy arms & equipments to fight against the #BokoHaram insurgency but the then Nigerian political & military leaders shared the money among themselves & did not buy arms. In the few cases where they bought arms, those they bought were sub – standard.

With this action they allowed the BokoHaram thugs to massacre 1000s of innocent Nigerians unchecked, destroyed towns & villages, kidnapped 1000s of nigerian women & girls and hold them as sex-slaves, & occupied large swat of land in the Nigerian North – East.

It is to be understood that the former Nigerian government handed over the entire security of Nigeria to the #Israeli regime. And it was Israeli Mossad agents who supervised this Evil project of starving the Nigerian military of quality weapons to fight against the BokoHaram insurgency. In such a situation the present Nigerian Army Chief Buratai will then be under the supervision of Israeli Mossad agents who then controlled the entire security of Nigeria. The Israeli regime has deeply infiltrated the Nigerian military and Gen . Buratai who is the present Nigerian Army Chief is one of its assets.

The Israeli regime considered Sheikh #Zakzaky and the IMN as it’s biggest enemy in #Africa due to the massive pro-#Palestine programs & activities of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) & the passion of Sheikh Zakzaky for the cause of Palestine. The death of Sheikh Zakzaky is always a fundamental objective of the Israeli regime in Nigeria.

It was the combined assets of the Saudi & Israeli regimes that executed the brutal Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army that killed 1000+ defenseless Shia Muslims in Nigeria. And to justify that brutal slaughter they introduced sectarianism in to it to divide Nigerian Muslims.

And because the present Nigerian Army Chief Buratai have recently done a dirty job for the evil imperialists by targeting Sheikh Zakzaky & massacring large numbers of his followers, powerful forces will try to sheild him from probe. Nigerians must call for justice in this case as all those who contributed to that funds divertion are war criminals that must be punish.

Harun Elbinawi


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