The visit of Chinese leader to Iran

The visit of Chinese leader to Iran:

The fact that the Chinese leader is the first leader of any nation to visit post – sanction #Iran underlined the important ties btw the two. #China helped #Iran during the sanctions era when the West completely cut – off economics ties with Iran.China also continue to buy Iran’s Oil despite sanctions.

The importance of #China as a world power is known to all. The 25 years strategic relashionship signed between China & Iran is very important. Most political pundits have predicted that #Iran will be the next #China due to its massive resources, skilled manpower & prudent leadership.

#China in its foreign policies & international relations does not have that Western imperialism greed to invade other nations, kill its people, plunder their resources & dominate them. I am not saying that #China is perfect & righteous but compare to the arrogant greedy Western capitalist, China is more human..

The visit to #Iran by the Chinese leader yielded the signing of deals worth $600 Billion in post – sanctions Iran. This is huge by all standard. Western powers will want to benefit from post – sanctions #Iran but Iran will like those that helped it overcome those sanctions to benefit.



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