Still on the Zaria massacre:

Still on the Zaria massacre:

A Nigerian Newspaper reported that the Nigerian authorities took Sheikh Zakzaky & his wife to France for further treatment & are back in Nigeria without the concent of his close relatives, this is an infringement on his fundamental rights. The Nigerian Army shot him 6 times while they shot his wife twice. One of the shot they targeted her reproductive organs so that according to then “she will never bring another Shia to the world”.

It is important for us to understand that with the massive force that the Nigerian government attacked the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky, the goal was to kill Sheikh Zakzaky and his entire family. They killed his 3 children, they killed his elder sister Hajiya Fatima who was 70+ years and they killed all the brothers & sisters who were at his residence. The fact that he survived 6 bullets is a miracle in itself.

It is also important to note that the same ideology that inspired #ISIS and #BokoHaram is the same ideology that inspired the inhuman & brutal Zaria massacre. And all those who were injured & survived will bear witness that the slogans that the Nigerian Army chanted while executing the brutal Zaria massacre is the same slogans that BokoHaram would have chanted when massacring Shia Muslims.

Another point of importance to note is that the Nigerian authorities did not take Sheikh Zakzaky to France because they have human sympathy, Nay;these people are extremely wicked & evil. They took him to France for better medical attention because some prominent Nigerians had warned Nigerian President #TyrantBuhari of the consequences of the death of Sheikh Zakzaky in their hands. Some of the brothers who were wounded from gun shot wounds died in Kaduna prison due to lack of proper medical attention & this is the true face of the Nigerian oppressors.

Once again we are grateful to all that section of humanity who sympathised & condemned the brutal massacre of 1000+ defenseless Nigerians in Zaria & the burning of their corpses by the Nigerian Army. And the Global #FreeZakzaky campaign is peaceful around the world. Nobody stoned any Nigerian Embassies abroad or harassed any Nigerian or attack any Nigerian interest. All these underlined who we are & what we stand for.

As for the arrogant imperialists who are silent on the brutal Zaria massacre, we never doubted who the true planners of the Zaria massacre are & who gave the fake Intels & who gave the order. The Nigerian war criminals are just tools of these arrogant imperialists who had painted the world with bloodshed, wars & destruction.

Finally, the prayers for divine vengeance should continue & for Muslims we should concentrate on reciting the whole #Quran repeatedly for this reason. Those who are at the Grand Mosque of Mecca or besides the Messenger of God (sa) at Madina should inform God of the heinous crimes of the Nigerian oppressors.

Eternal curse & damnation upon all tyrants & oppressors!



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