The destruction of the 1,400 year-old Christian monastery in Iraq by ISIS

Still On The Destruction of the more than 1,400 year-old Christian monastery in Iraq by ISIS:

An incident happened in Afghanistan some years back. The Wahhabi Taliban captured an area of Afghanistan where an ancient Buddhist monument was situated. In line with the deviant Wahhabi doctrines, they destroyed the Buddhist monument.

The celebrated Afghan Mujahedeen commander, Ahmad Shah Mosoud, who was Sunni Muslim latter captured alive the Taliban commander who destroyed that monument. While interrogating him he asked him why did he destroyed such an important historical monument? The Taliban commander answered him that “people are going to worship it!” Then Ahmad Shah Mosoud asked him that there are people who worship the Sun, why not go and destroy the Sun? The Taliban commander kept quiet.

When the House of Saud took over the holy cities of Mecca and Madina they destroyed a lot of historical monuments related to early Islam that were preserved.

Today ISIS and AlQaeda in Iraq and Syria have destroyed alot of historical monuments that were preserved by early Muslims due to the warped and deviant teachings of Wahhabism.

It is a shame on the civilized humanity that this ancient monastery in Iraq that pre-dates the advent of Islam was destroyed by these bloodthirsty savages who only know how to kill, rape, loot and destroy. The most saddest thing is that they commit all these atrocities in the name of Islam.



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