Israeli defense minister said:”If I had to choose between Iran and ISIS, I’d choose ISIS”

#Israeli defense minister said: “If I had to choose between #Iran and ISIS, I’d choose #ISIS.”

Some gullible people who do not know the extent of the evil of Global Zionism and the Israeli regime which is it’s product will be shock to hear these words. But it is true and the reason for making this assertion is that ISIS like all murderous Takfiri terrorist groups are imperialist creations to serve their evil agenda in the Islamic world.

Another reason why Israeli leaders prefer ISIS to Iran is because Iran is the only Muslim country that give 100% support to Palestine. And Iran is the only Muslim country that is truly free and independent from Western imperialism and Global Zionism.

ISIS terrorist group occupy Muslims with death and destruction, and prevent Muslims from addressing the major problem of the Islamic world which is the brutal and inhuman occupation of Palestine.

One of the major doctrines of the West is to keep Muslim nations backward scientifically and technologically. This policy have been going on for the past 300 years but today Iran had broken out from that chain of bondage. Iran is advancing scientifically and technologically, Western powers are frightened by this current reality.

Western powers make sure that the Israeli regime Is armed with the most sophisticated weapons in the world and to maintain the strategic superiority over Arabs and Muslim nations in the Middle East. The ascendancy of Iran have rubbished this doctrine, today the Israeli regime is frighten of its future.

It is important that we understand that murderous terrorist groups such as ISIS, AlQaeda and Boko Haram only serve the agenda of Western imperialism and Global Zionism. The Saudi Wahhabi regime that breeds these terror groups is also on that bracket and that is the main reason why such a primitive and savage regime is closely allied with the West.

So the confession of the Israeli defense minister is a badge of honor to Iran, it shows Iran is the biggest obstacle to the Israeli regime and it’s brutal occupation of Palestine.



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