In the name Islam:They kill the innocent by Aliyu Smith AlMusawi

In the name Islam:
They attack hotels and universities all over the world and call it a religious duty worthy of emulation. Yet they hold a lopsided view that the trouble that rocks Islam nowadays is not their terrorist activities but Shias.
They bomb mosques and churches, they displace thousands of people yearly, they kidnapp hapless women and children and indoctrinate them into suicide bombings which kill in droves, maim in scores and destroy in magnitude, yet they blame Shias for the current rise in terrorism.
They rape and enslave women after they slaughter their husbands, they deny women of right to any form of education, they deprive them of right to drive cars, they think women are solely created to satiate their sexual appetite. Yet they blame Shias for giving Islam a bad image.
Their mosques are a cesspit of radicalism, their preachings are laced with hatred, their followers’ minds are programmed to hate whoever disagrees with their version of Islam, they hate Christians and Shias to the extent that they wish them deaths and suffering for eternity. Yet they think Shias are causative factors of the problems that surround Islam.
They create states within states. They seized a large swath of land in Syria and turn into the most hellish place to live on earth. They once seized Afghanistan and made it the most dangerous place on earth for women. They seized part of Iraq and turn it into a purgatory where dead bodies pile up the streets, where thousands of people are massacred and buried in mass graves. They once seized northern Mali and embarked upon the destruction of shrines and antique edifices. They once seized part of northern Nigeria and banned any form of Western education and they are currently terrorising Somalia, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan and Kenya all in the name of Islam, the religion of peace. But despite the dirty manifestations of their dreaded creed, despite the universal hatred their ideology has incurred to Islam, they still think Shias are the problems.

_ Aliyu Smith Almusawi


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