We Are Waiting To See How Will The Saudi Regime Reward The Nigerian Govt For The Zaria Massacre

On the day the war-ravaged country of Somalia broke diplomatic relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia paid $50 million to the Somali government.

The Saudi regime buys loyalty, then what did the Saudi regime gave war criminal AlBashir of Sudan to break diplomatic ties with Iran. And how much was the tiny Island of Comoros paid?

With the drastic falling Oil prices, with the re-entry of Iran into the Oil market, with the $1 billion/month budget of Saudi war on Yemen & with the Saudi sponsorship of terrorists in Syria, the House of Saud is about to drag Saudi Arabia to bankruptcy.

And we are still waiting to see how much will the Saudi regime give to the Nigerian government as the reward for the brutal Zaria massacre and targeting of Sheikh Zakzaky and the destruction of the Zaria Husseiniyya.

The House of Saud is a setting Sun and the faster it set the better for not only Muslim but the whole of humanity. That Western-backed traitorous Regime have brought nothing but misery, death and destruction upon Muslims.



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