In The Company Of My Friend Whose 4 Siblings Were Killed By The Nigerian Army In The Zaria Massacre

Today I was honored to be in the company of my beloved brother & friend, Dr. Isa Waziri, who lost four (4) siblings in the Zaria massacre. The Nigerian Army killed his 4 children (3 boys, 1 girl) in the residence of Sheikh #Zakzaky. They were among the 1000+ Nigerians killed.

The names of his children killed by the Nigerian Army were Muhammad, Fatima, Hassan & Husseini. The last two were Twins. The 4 children were undergraduates at ABU Zaria. They were brutally killed by the Nigerian Army that was suppose to protect them.

After the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army, they burnt the dead bodies. My friend was denied the right to bury his 4 children by the Nigerian government. The masterminds of the Zaria massacre are so wicked that they burnt the dead bodies of their victims. Eternal curse& damnation of God upon them!

My friend could not even see the dead bodies of his 4 children killed by the Nigerian Army. Imagine such wickedness & inhumanity! My friend informed me that the Arbaeen (40th Day Prayers) of his 4 children will be held on Friday. God bless them & bless all the Martyrs!



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