The fallacy of Iran Pedro-dollars sponsorship of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky:

The fallacy of #Iran petro-dollars sponsorship of the Islamic Movement of #Nigeria under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Zakzaky:


There are these insinuations that the Islamic Movement of Nigeria is funded by #Iran & that the millions of its members are “bought” by #Iran! First, there are things that money can not buy. No matter one’s money one can not buy love & faith. If faith is fake then it is not faith. The same apply to love. If love is not genuine then it is not love but something else. Love must be real & genuine to be called love.


The IMN is an Islamic organization & faith is the foundation of all religious beliefs. And faith has never been a commodity for sale in the market for the highest bidder.  The IMN is an independent organization that funds it’s programs & activities through voluntary donations from its members. I will give examples on this assertion.


When we were undergraduate students at the University (ABU, Zaria) in late 80s & 90s, we taxed ourselves to organize IMN programs on campus. Whenever we want to organize any program or event, we levy ourselves & the funds raised were used to fund our programs.


His Eminence Sheikh #Zakzaky does not have a car in late 80s, so whenever we organized programs & invited him we make provision for his transport & those of his entourage. Two days before any program then one of us will go to Zaria city to give the transport allowances for Sheikh Zakzaky & his entourage.


The Sheikh has never tele-guided us as to which program to organize or what to do. He respected our individual and collective initiatives & encouraged us. The only program Sheikh #Zakzaky was passionate about was “#Palestine Day”. Whenever the period is approaching, the Sheikh will remind us about it’s importance.


And another example is how the Zaria Husseiniyya that was recently destroyed by the Nigerian government was built. It was built thought voluntary donations from members of IMN. It was the hard-earned money of Nigerians that build the Zaria Husseiniyya that was recently destroyed by the Nigerian government. Members of IMN made voluntary donations to an account & funds realized were used to build the Husseiniyya. These are examples of how programs & activities are sponsored and all the branches of IMN in #Nigeria also sponsor their programs and activities through voluntary donations.


Initially the Movement was most active on Campuses of higher institutions of learning in #Nigeria. We graduated & move back to the society. The Movement grew in population & followership largely due to the charismatic personality of Sheikh Zakzaky & his unequalled consistency. Within a short time the Movement spread to all towns and villages. The Movement also spread across Nigerian borders to other African countries since the pre-colonial relationships exist that cut across national borders.


The issue of Iran Pedro-dollars in #Nigeria is another campaign of calumny directed against IMN to questioned it’s originality and Nigerian-ness. I challenge the Nigerian government or anybody to go & check our personal bank accounts to see if any sign of petro-dollars from #Iran can be found. And to check on our lifestyles to see if there is any sign of extravagance related to the fictitious and imaginary petro-dollars from any foreign country.


And in recent history, petro-dollars is more associated with Saudi Arabia than with #Iran. Iran has been under severe debilitating sanctions for 30+ years. Nigerians should start asking how much is SaudiArabia spending yearly in #Nigeria to sabotage the activities of IMN & undermine Sheikh Zakzaky? And how much is Saudi Arabia spending yearly in Nigeria to fund it’s hate-mongering Wahhabi schools that promote hate of non-Wahhabi Sunnis, Shias & Christians?


The Saudi-funded Wahhabi schools are the incubators of murderous Takfiri terrorism the world over. Most AlQaeda and ISIS terrorists are graduates of such Saudi-funded schools. Pakistan has closed a lot of them. After the #ParisAttacks, European governments have realized the dangers of such Saudi-funded schools. France & Germany has closed some of them recently.


One of the goals of the enemy is to cast doubts in the minds of people and this calculated campaign of calumny directed against IMN is meant to distance people from it and make it look “foreign” in Nigeria. The IMN have huge proposed projects on paper but due to financial crunch that Nigerians are facing it is not able to execute those projects. And on a lighter note if petro-dollars can buy followership as these detractors are insinuating then why has not the Saudi millions buy it such followership?


My last advice is that people should also cross-check information and propaganda. People should ask for facts and proofs on all allegations. People should ask questions as to why are these false allegations made and what is the objectives of those who made such false allegations.



Harun Elbinawi


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