Why the House of Saud is useful to the West?

Why is the House of Saud useful to the West?


When you see the efforts the Western mainstream media exert in making the savage regime of Saudi Arabia look good, it’s tells you how important and vital this Wahhabi regime Is to Western imperialism and Global Zionism.


To infiltrate the Islamic world, the Saudi regime is the biggest tool of Western imperialism. From controlling governments of Muslim countries to spreading sectarian discord among Muslims to selling hi-tech weapons to the scientific and technologically backward at exorbitant price, these are just the few “services” that the Saudi regime renders to Western imperialism.


But the most critical “service” that the Saudi regime renders to imperialism is whenever the Western imperialist needed terrorist armies to do their dirty works, the Saudi regime recruited them from its pools of Takfiri terrorism bank.


When Western powers needed those murderous thugs in Afghanistan to fight against the Soviets, the Saudi regime recruited Osama Bin Laden and his gang. That was how AlQaeda came into existence. And when Western powers needed a ferocious terrorist group to destroy Hezbollah in Syria, the Saudi regime recruited Abubakar Al-Baghdadi and his gang. That is how ISIS came into existence.


On the economic front, if Western powers want to drastically reduce the price of Crude Oil in international markets to target the economy of their adversaries they use the Saudi regime to increase production and create glut.


All Muslims have special love and affection for the Holy cities of Mecca and Madina. The fact that these cities are under the rule of the House of Saud was not accidental or by divine providence. It was a calculated scheme by the then British Empire who planted the House of Saud in Hijaz to have strategic foothold in the Islamic world.


Whenever a conscious Muslim opposed these imperialism servitude of the House of Saud, the Saudi regime will play the Mecca/Madina card. Gullible and unenlightened Muslims are deceived into believing that the extremely corrupt House of Saud who are lackeys of Western imperialism are the custodians of Islam.


We all know that the Islamic world will be better off without all these meddling, interventions and interference of Western powers. All these creates are bloody wars, destructions, divisions, political instability, poverty, ignorance and serfdom.


It is not surprising when we see the Western mainstream media go to extra length in giving the Saudi regime a human face by attaching all its crimes and atrocities to Islam.



Harun Elbinawi




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