The Saudi regime is the biggest tool of imperialism to fuel sectarian discord among Muslims

It is important that Sunnis and Shias avoid falling in to the sectarian agenda of the Saudi regime. That evil agenda serve the interest of Western imperialism and Global Zionism.


The Saudi regime and ISIS are inspired from the same deviant and contaminated source. They think they can attain glory by killings, beheading the innocent and destruction.


The primary objective of the recent brutal Zaria massacre by the Nigerian government was to target His Eminence Sheikh #Zakzaky and IMN but a secondary objective was to trigger a sectarian war between Sunnis and Shias. The prudent actions of the IMN leadership prevented the realization of this secondary objective.


Unity is important in the house of Islam as unity brings more strength and coordination to solve problems bedevilling the Islamic world. The wicked and evil enemy wish to prevent this much needed unity at all cost and the Saudi regime is their biggest tool. The present crop of the Nigerian leadership are also tools of this evil agenda against unity of Muslims.



Harun Elbinawi


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