The senseless madness of the House of Saud

The senseless madness of the House of Saud:

The Saudi regime shocked the world by murdering a Pro-freedom, non-violent & non-sectarian activist Sheikh Baqir #AlNimr. This unjust killing attracted condemnation from all sections of humanity including some Sunni scholars and intellectual. The Qatari-based Al Jazeera posted an article titled “Sheikh Al-Nimr is not a terrorist”. The Turkish government said the killing of Sheikh Al-Nimr was “politically motivated” & that Turkey rejects capital punishment for political reasons.

In Shia-dominated societies like Iran the outrage was total especially coming on the heels of last year’s #Hajjstampede where hundreds of Iranian pilgrims were killed due to the gross negligence of the Saudi regime. Credible reports showed how Saudi medical personal intentionally neglected Iranian pilgrims & allowed them to die. The Saudi Embassy & consulates in Iran were torched which we all condemned, the Iranian government condemned it & the brother of the murdered Sheikh Al-Nimr also condemned. More than 40 people were arrested & are going to be prosecuted.

The Saudi regime went on drunken spree by cutting diplomatic ties with Iran, banning all flights to Iran, banning it’s citizens from visiting Iran & closing all Hajj offices of Iran in Saudi Arabia. These not enough the Saudi regime pressured other Muslim countries to break ties with Iran. Most Muslim countries rejected this request & only few complied.

What is important to note is that the Holy cities of Mecca & Madina are not personal properties of the House of Saud. Tens of thousands of Iranians visit these cities yearly because of Islamic duty to do so. I do not think that with out these two Holy cities in Saudi Arabia any sane & civilized person will want to visit a savage & oppressive society like Saudi Arabia whose weather in most part of the year is hot & not comfortable. It is just like visiting the ISIS capital of Raqqah in Syria which is also an entity founded on the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam just like Saudi Arabia.

The hate-mongering actions of the Saudi regime against Iran is a typical Wahhabi mindset that always try to poison the minds of Sunni Muslims. It reminded me of an incidence when we were still at the University in early 90s. In Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, then there were lots a Palestinian students who were studying various courses at the University. One of them was Sinan (not real name), all his family were killed in an Israeli airstrike & only him survived as an infant. He was religious & always in the Mosque for prayers & other activities. He was close to us but one day the Wahhabis called him aside & told him that we are Shias & that he should keep distance with us & that they are his Ahlul Sunnah brothers. He told them that since he came to this University three years ago those they called Shias are the only group that organize pro-Palestinian activities to highlight the cause of Palestine. He told them that they who claimed to be his brothers have never organize a single program for Palestine!

The Saudi regime murdered a renowned Islamic Scholar & to hide their heinous crime are claiming victimhood by targeting Iran. What they wished is that all the major Muslim countries break relations with Iran. The Saudi regime ignited the present provocation to hide it’s growing domestic problems due to its oppressive rule & to vent it’s anger on its foreign policies failures in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

For more than 10 months now the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen with full Western support have been bombarding that poorest Arab country but had failed to subdue the barefooted brave warriors of Yemen. The Saudi regime imported mercenaries from Columbia, Australia, US, France & other parts of the world to Yemen but have failed to break the will of the Yemeni people.

Western imperialism have tried to portray the Iran-Saudi standoff as “Shia vs Sunni” thing but what they failed to understand is that Saudi Arabia do not represent Sunni Islam. Sunni Muslims are not headchoppers, anywhere you hear “Muslims” beheading innocent people in the name of Islam they are not Sunni Muslims. They are bloodthirsty Wahhabis who think that God had given them licence to kill & destroy.

History is not on the side of the oppressive, corrupt & tyrannical regime of Saudi Arabia. The support that regime have enjoyed from its Western masters since it’s inception is waning since after the Paris attacks. Western audience are realising the evilness of the deviant Wahhabi ideology that inspired all Takfiri terrorism. Western imperialism have been using the House of Saud as a tool to further their evil agenda in the Islamic world but after the brutal Paris attacks they realized that “The magic will return to haunt the magician”.

The successful conclusion of the IranDeal is another issue irking the Saudi rulers. They reasoned that if the debilitating sanctions imposed on #Iran are lifted, the power & influence of Iran will increase in the Islamic world as Iran will make huge investments in Muslim countries & that will widen its influence. The question is what have prevented Saudi Arabia to make investments in Muslim countries despite its huge resources? Nigeria have more than 80 million Sunni Muslims, Saudi Arabia does not have a single investment in Nigeria that will empower Nigerian Muslims & create jobs. The only investments it has is the poisonous Wahhabi schools and mosques that only promote hate for Christians, Shias & non-Wahhabi Sunnis.

Iran is part & parcel of the Islamic world & when sanctions are lifted Iran will make huge investments in Muslim countries & transfer technology to them. The Islamic world will benefit from the scientific & technological advancement of Iran. That is what will happen, InshaAllah, & there is nothing the Saudi regime & its Western Imperialist masters can do about this.

Harun Elbinawi


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