Fallout of the Zaria massacre, Saudi killing of Sheikh Al-Nimr & the imperative of maintaining peaceful protest

Fallout of the Zaria massacre, the Saudi assassination of Scholar Sheikh #AlNimr & the imperative of maintaining peaceful protest:

After the Western-backed Saudi regime assassinated the Scholar Sheikh Baqir #AlNimr, I saw a hash tag on Twitter “#BoycottHajj”. This is another plot of the enemy or the whisperings of the ignorant extremists or both. Those calling for #BoycottHajj due the Atrocities of the Saudi regime should understand that #Hajj is not a property of the House of Saud.

#Hajj is a Pilar of #Islam that will outlive the traitorous House of #Saud. Wahhabism that is the guiding ideology of the Saudi regime feeds on the division of #Muslims. We will never #BoycottHajj due to the criminal activities of the Saudi regime. And we will never stop promoting Unity among Sunni& Shia Muslims. What the traitorous Wahhabi Saudi regime hate most is the Unity of Muslims & that is exactly what we will continue to promote, InshaAllah!

I also saw a headline that two Sunni-dominated Mosques (I deliberately did not use the phrase “Sunni Mosque” Because I do not believe in “Sunni or Shia Mosque”. To me all Mosques are one & the same) in Hilla, Iraq, were attacked & one person was killed. I strongly condemn this dastardly act. This is an enemy action or the action of misguided extremists. The Iraqi government should fish out these criminals & persecute them.

The biggest blunder is to accept the monumental fraud that the Western-backed Saudi regime represent the entire Sunni Muslims. In Nigeria, Wahhabis do not follow Sunni Muslims in prayers. Followers of Wahhabism in Nigeria have separate mosques from Sunni Muslims, they did that because they did not consider Sunni Muslims as Muslims. And this is how it is in the whole of Islamic world.

It is gross injustice to accuse Sunni Muslims of the crimes of the Saudi regime. The Saudi regime does not represent Sunni Islam. In fact Sunni Muslims are the biggest victims of the Saudi- sponsored Takfiri terrorism.

Protest against perceived injustice is a fundamental human rights that most nations upheld. It is important to protest & condemn the Saudi killing of Sheikh Al-Nimr & his 3 companions & the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Govt. These two incidence are linked & had the same Author. It is impossible that the Nigerian Government will kill 1000+ defenseless Nigerians without the approval of America & other Western powers. The fact that these Western powers & the international bodies & agencies they controlled are silent on the Zaria massacre said it all as to who was behind the massacre.

On a final note, we still remind all that the Leader of IMN Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is still held incommunicado by the Nigerian Government. The Nigerian Government have refused his close family members to have access to him, they refused his Physician to have access to him & they also refused to allow his Lawyers to have access to him. This is one of the reasons why the hash tag #TyrantBuhari is now trending on Twitter. Today, an increasingly number of Nigerians considered the Nigerian President as a tyrant due to his handling of the Zaria massacre & his disregard for court orders.

Harun Elbinawi


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