This message on the evils of sectarianism is meant for all Muslims

This Message is meant for all Muslims:

A Saudi TV host today as a fallout of the murder of the non-violent & non-sectarian activist Martyr Scholar Sheikh Baqir #AlNimr claimed that “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents 2 billion Muslims and Iran represents only 200-300 millions.”

This Saudi TV host made this assumption to magnify the Shia/Sunni divide by claiming that the Western-backed Saudi regime represent all the world’s Sunni Muslims, speak & act on their behalf.

The 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran came will cardinal policies that not only affect world Muslims by the rest of the oppressed world. The Revolution is anti-imperialism, anti-Zionism, pro-Unity of Muslims & pro-oppressed. Since 1979 Iran has never seen itself as representing only Shia Muslims in words & actions. Iran see itself as not only representing all Muslims but also representing all world oppressed.

When Bosnian Muslims faced genocide from the bloodthirsty Serbs extremists in the early 90s, Iran & Hezbollah were the first to arrive in Bosnia to help the Muslims. Iranian Guards & Hezbollah fighters fought alongside their Muslims brothers and sisters in Bosnia. Some of them attained Martyrdom in that regard. While we sleep in our homes at night, Hezbollah porters brave the sea to smuggle arms and weapons to the Bosnian Muslims. At that time 100% of all Bosnian Muslims were Sunni Muslims.

Then let’s come to Palestine which is the most important problem affecting Muslims today, there is no Muslim country in the world today that support the cause of Palestine like Iran. No only politically but including the provisions of weapons, arms & transfer of technological know how to produce these weapon. As of last year Western sources claimed that Iran gives HAMAS more than $250 million yearly. And this is only for HAMAS, Iran provide funds to support all Palestinian Resistance groups. The overwhelming majority of Palestinians are Sunni Muslims.

Saudi Arabia been the host of Islam’s two most holy sites should represent all Muslims & not only Sunni Muslims as it claimed. And the Takfiri Wahhabism ideology that Saudi Arabia promotes & propagate condemned majority of Sunni Muslims to infidelity. The claim that Saudi Arabia represent all Sunni Muslims is a fraud that can not be backed by facts & statistics.

Unfortunately, the Saudi regime is an efficient tool of Western imperialism in the Islamic world to promote murderous sectarian agenda that will keep Muslims perpetually at war with each other. This was the main reason why the British Empire created the Saudi regime I’m Hijaz in the first place.

I called on all Muslims especially our Sunni brothers and sisters not to fall in to this Saudi imperialism-orchestrated trap of declaring Muslims enemies of each other. If Muslim countries have exert a friction of effort they are exerting in the destructions of Syria, Iraq and Yemen to the cause of Palestine, tremendous progress would have been made.
And finally, as a fruit of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, I ask the following question:

1.Why is the Saudi regime hell bent on triggering sectarian war between Sunni & Shia Muslims?

2. Will such a war serve the interests of Islam & Muslims?

3.And who will benefit most from such a war?

Peace be upon you All!
Harun Elbinawi


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