Season of Burying dead bodies by Imperialist tools in Nigeria & Saudi Arabia

Season of Burying death bodies by Imperialist tools:

The Saudi & Nigerian regimes who are tools of Western imperialism & Global Zionism can bury death bodies of those they unjustly killed. They can even burn the dead bodies as is the case of Nigeria but they will never be able to bury/burn the Idea.

It a fact of history that killing Revolutionaries only awaken dead souls back to life. Many tyrants & oppressors of history had tried to kill the Revolution by killing the Revolutionaries but failed. But the bloody Saudi & Nigerian tyrants are ignorant of history.

The Author of the Zaria massacre in #Nigeria where 1000+ defenseless Muslims were killed by the Nigerian Army & the assassination of Scholar Sheikh Baqir #AlNimr by the Western-backed savage #Saudi regime is one & the same. And the agenda is to suppress popular voice of peaceful protest, widen the gulf among Muslims & trigger a sectarian war in the house of Islam.

After the Zaria massacre, the Nigerian President Buhari is now notoriously referred to as “TyrantBuhari” on social media platforms. Nigerians saw a heartless bloodthirsty wicked tyrant in the making who is not only a religious bigot in a multi-religious society like Nigerian but he is a sectarian bigot.

Let these bloodthirsty tyrants keep on burying/burning the dead bodies of our Martyrs. We will never be tired of producing more Martyrs as long as tyranny, oppression injustice exist.

Harun Elbinawi


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