Why I remained Muslim even after the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army:

Why I remained Muslim even after the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army:

I remain #Muslim today because of my believe that the #Islam practiced by the executors of the Zaria massacre in #Nigeria is contaminated & is not the Islam sent to the seal of all Prophets & Messengers of God, Muhammad al-Mustapha (sa). And the #Islam of those Nigerian “Sunni” Muslims seen celebrating the Zaria massacre is also contaminated by the poison of #Wahhabism.

No true Muslim will celebrate the brutal killings of defenseless Nigerians that was the Zaria massacre. It was a wickedness that must be condemned by all. The Zaria massacre is not different from the massacres of #ISIS & #BokoHaram. They all comprises the brutal killings of unarmed civilians. The line of division that separate the executors of the Zaria massacre & #BokoHaram is very slim. Both drank from the same contaminated source.

All historians agreed that what attracted people to Islam at its early stage was the exemplary character & conduct of Prophet Muhammad (sa). At Mecca, despite the fact that they opposed his message of monotheism & oneness of God but they trusted him with their most valuable items. He was their Central Bank as he was the most trusted personality in that society.

Our Christian brothers & sisters in Southern Nigeria were shocked when they discovered some Nigerian Muslims celebrating the brutal Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army. They saw a BokoHaram-like massacre by the Nigerian Army & to their shock they saw some Nigerian Muslims celebrating this brutal killings on social media platforms. Nigerians have now realized that no wonder murderous terrorist groups such as #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram etc emanates from this Wahhabi contamination of Sunni Islam. Such contamination removes love, mercy & compassion from the hearts of people.

The executors of the Zaria massacre claimed that the IMN under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim #Zakzaky is stockpiling weapons in #Nigeria & they brutally killed 1000+ of its members while “searching for weapons”. They killed 1000+ in two days & did not find a single bullet. They dug-up graves of Martyrs of IMN in search of weapons but find nothing. Their #Israeli masters told them that the Lebanese #Hezbollah use to bury weapons on graveyard. Then they went & dug-up graves in search of weapons.

And now that they had killed 1000+, their American, Israeli & Saudi masters that directed them to target IMN will distance themselves from them. The world today is a Global village, it will be impossible for the Nigerian Government to hide 1000+ dead bodies of defenseless Nigerians killed by the Nigerian Army in the Zaria massacre.

The IMN will never get justice in Nigeria from these bloodthirsty killers who look more like #BokoHaram than responsible Nigerian leaders. The most viable option is to drag them to international bodies that deals will war crimes & brutal massacres like the Zaria massacre. Drag them to #ICC so that the world will know the details of how brutal & inhuman the Zaria massacre was.

Imagine that they cold bloodedly killed the children of Sheikh Zakzaky in his presence & now they want to drag him to their court to prosecute him! They did not even give him the chance to give his murdered children proper Islamic burial, they are dragging him to their court under Trump-up charges they concocted. Among those members of IMN they are detaining there are father’s who have lost 1,2 & 3 children in the Zaria massacre & now they are dragging them to court! Since when has the world seen such wickedness?

Finally, I want to assure all that the type of Islam manifested in the Zaria massacre by some bloodthirsty Nigerian leaders who are Muslims & the Muslims who were celebrating the massacre is the contaminated brand of Islam. It is the Islam of ISIS & BokoHaram, it is the Islam in the service of Western imperialism & Global Zionism.

Peace be upon all those who follow truth & guidance!

Harun Elbinawi
Elbinawi.wordpress.com elbinawi@yahoo.com


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