The insensitivity of the Nigerian President on the Zaria massacre

The insensitivity of the Nigerian President on the Zaria massacre:

More than two weeks had passed since the Nigerian Army launched a coordinate brutal attacks on members of IMN that killed hundreds according to some Western sources. Some Western sources like AP said as high as 1000 people were killed by the Nigerian Army in the Zaria massacre. The Nigerian President Buhari have been silent on the massacre until his yesterday’s Presidential media chat.

1000+ Nigerians were killed by the Nigerian Army & the Nigerian President Buhari did not show an atom of sadness for the lives lost. Only a heart contaminated by sectarian hatred will not show remorse to the brutal killings of defenseless Shia Muslims in #Nigeria.

In the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army some families were completely wiped out. A father lost 4 children, some lost 3 children, some lost 2 children & some a child. We ask “Were not those killed in Zaria massacre Nigerians?” Are their lives not worth anything just because they were Shia Muslims? Did this insensitive & heartless old man parading as Nigerian President not sworn to protect the lives of all Nigerians?

The Nigerian President claimed they showed him a clip & he passed judgement. Did he ask those who showed him that propaganda video why were those protesting youths angry? What happened to the Natural Laws of “Action & Reaction”? The protesting youths were angry because the Nigerian Army killed their friends & brothers. They killed them as if they were flies. That video clip was after the first round of killing by the Nigerian Army.

The claim by the Nigerian President that he will wait for the report of the Kaduna State Government before commenting on the Zaria massacre is mischievous to say the least. The midget-brain Kaduna State Governor Elrufai had already condemned IMN & even desecrated the grave of the mother of Sheikh #Zakzaky. And every Nigerian know that the Kaduna State Governor is a lackey of the Nigerian President. How can IMN get justice from such a person? The whole picture has become clearer that the highest authority in the Land ordered the Zaria massacre.

They killed 1000+ defenseless Nigerians & they think they can bury the evidence & cover the facts of the Zaria massacre. Their Western & Israeli masters gave them a false Intel that IMN have stockpile of weapons. They killed people & found nothing, & they now want to prosecute those in detention. Some of those in detention have had their family members killed by the Nigerian Army in the Zaria massacre & now they want to drag them to court using trump-up charges. Since when last has the world seen such brutal oppression?

If the Nigerian Army were in charge of the #BlackLivesMatters riots in the #US they would have killed more than 100,000 Blacks. The angry Black protesters were not only challenging the US National Guard Officers but some of them were even shooting at them. But they used minimum force to quell the riots.

From all indication the IMN & it’s leadership will not get justice in Nigeria. It is important to gather & compile all evidences related to the Zaria massacre & approach international bodies such as #ICC to seekseek ¬†redress. If firm steps are not taken to prosecute those who executed the Zaria massacre, next year who knows they will commit a more worst massacre against IMN using another flimsy excuse.
Harun Elbinawi elbinawi@yahoo.cthe om


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