A Nigerian Christian reaction to the Advertorial video clip released by the Nigerian Govt

I had watched a paid Advertorial on AIT this night against the Shiite Islamic Movement. It all
suddenly reminded me of the callous, unethical and unprecedented and disgusting campaign of hate ran by the same station against the Person
of President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR during the elections. They showed some tactical congfu
training by the Islamic Movement purpotedly held home and abroad which they described as military training in their perverted heart to deceive gullible public opinion. No! those were physical
education training for keeping feet, self defence, mental alertness and sublime human discipline. I had such training when I was in Secondary
School. The Nigerian Youth Coppers undergoes same relative training. Again all over the World,
the Shiite procession is a part of their religious rites.

So inconveniences that are periodical and occasional could not be treated as public
disturbances that can not be tolerated if we have love, patience and self-accommodation and
religious tolerance.
Thirdly, I had the AIT advertorial saying the Islamic Movement imported large numbers of
arms and ammunition into the country. But in showed resistance to the Military at that point of
encounter, the military could not have killed hundreds of people without one single military
man killed even if it means shooting from the unknown crowd. But no single military man was killed. No arms was displayed except some branded sticks and may be knives . And don’t forget; the Islamic Movement has also been a subject of constant attacks by Boko Haram. Honestly so
much mischief and lies are being woven together frantically against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

The Advertorial is non-sensical, prejudiced, highly provocative and grossly insensitive of the mood of
the nation and the entire episodes is bearing a characteristic of a false-flags. It visibly
demonstrated that the invisible hands of those bent on destabilizing Nigeria are involved. Let all be careful.
Once again! I am not a Muslim. I am a strong Christian with Revelations of Christ. But I detest
lies, falsehood, fabrication and naked injustice.
Why is it that at the 2 times the Military had confrontations with the Islamic Movement last
year they killed Zakzaky sons and this last one again they killed his sons. Something definitely is
not adding up. These certainly cannot be a coincidence and honestly if this group has been
militarized and violence prone as the unintelligible Advertorial want us to believe; the killing of their
members in a disproportionate manner and particularly the two times killing of their leader’s
Zakzaky sons is enough to ignite wide range violence. But they have in the face of it all remains calm.

Our precious Military men are no longer a colonialists Armies of occupation. They are now called The Nigerian Army. We own them, they belong to us and are constituted in a civilised manner to suite our own system and sovereignty.

Let’s apologise to the Islamic Movement and reconcile. While thorough investigation that is
independent and factual is carried out. Those sponsors of this unintelligible Advertorial should
stop insulting our sensibility!

Hon. Ebenezer Oyetakin
Executive Secretary Anti-Corruption Network


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