The plot by the Nigerian Government to frame and demonize the IMN and it’s leadership with “terrorism”

The plot by the Nigerian Government to frame & demonize the IMN & it’s leadership with “terrorism”:

A lot of prominent Nigerian personalities & civil society organizations had condemned the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army but words of the celebrated Christian clergy, Matthew Kukah, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto stands out. He called for a national day of mourning for those killed by the army in Zaria. He said “As far as I am concerned, the Zaria killing is a national disaster. I expected the President to have declared a national mourning, especially because of the number of people that lost their lives.”

The above suggestions is what any rational-thinking & responsible government will do, any government that have the genuine interest of its nation & people at heart. But from the actions, reactions & inactions of the Nigerian government since the Zaria massacre, the Nigerian authorities are blinded by naked hate to execute a foreign agenda to destroy the structures of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria & exterminate it’s leading lights.

The first move in this direction is the attempt of the principal actor in the Nigerian Government to equate the peaceful IMN & the murderous #BokoHaram insurgency as “One & the same”.

BokoHaram is less than ten (10) years old in Nigeria but it has killed more than 30,000 innocent Nigerians. It has invaded towns & villages, plundered them & brutally killed it’s innocent inhabitants. They kidnapped thousands of women & girls of which the Ckibok Girls are know to the whole world. They turned these women & girls to their sex slave & some of them are forced to become their suicide bombers. BokoHaram have attacked Churches, Mosques, markets, restaurants & all the places populated in Nigeria to mass-murder innocent Nigerians.

The IMN under the leadership of His Eminence year-old Ibrahim Zakzaky is more than 37 year-old, it has been peaceful through out all this period of its existence. A single case of violence has never been recorded against it on the Nigerian Military, Police or any Nigerian security agencies. Through out this history the members of IMN are found in every nook & corners of Nigeria & there is no single case against them that they ever attack any Nigerian civilians.

It is important to note that members of IMN are medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Engineers, Lawyers & Academicians in institutions of higher learning across Nigeria. Members of IMN are Teachers in High schools & primary schools, they are Nurses, technicians, craftsmen etc. There is no positive sector of the Nigerian State that one can not find members of IMN.

The Nigerian Govt/Army have tried unsuccessfully in their carefully-cut propaganda video to present to Nigerians the face of IMN as those angry sticks-welding youths that were protesting the unjust killings of their friends & loved ones by the Nigerian Army. But all Nigerians knows that this is a false image as members of IMN live among Nigerians & Nigerians are aware of their characters & conducts on the personal level. I challenge anyone to do crime-level checks on all the socio-political groups in Nigeria, members of IMN will be found among the lowest in Nigeria in terms of crimes committed.

The second move is to stage False Flag Ops against some military formations in Northern Nigeria & blame it on the IMN. This will give them the excuse to further attack the IMN, kill it’s leaders extra-judicially & destroy it’s structures just like the midget-minded Kaduna State Governor has done in Zaria. He thought destroying structures & desecrating the grave of the mother of Sheikh Zakzaky has “destroyed” the IMN. He failed to understand that there were periods when those structures that he destroyed does not exist but IMN existed.

Nigerians should disregard all the rumours of armed struggle by IMN. They are baseless & groundless, the IMN has always been peaceful in its programs & activities, & will continue to be peaceful no matter the provocations. Today Nigerians are suffering untold hardship due to bad economic conditions & BokoHaram insurgency, anybody who want to impose further suffering on Nigerians is a traitor.

In conclusion we call on all meaning Nigerians to protest this gross injustice & oppression melted on the IMN & it’s leadership by the corrupt Northern elites that today form a genocidal military-civilian cabal to serve a foreign evil agenda that will obstruct the path of Nigeria to greatness. I have never seen where an Army spokesman become the official spokesman of a democratically elected government except in this present Nigerian government. The Official spokesmen of the government are silent on the Zaria massacre while the Nigerian Army spokesman is on rampage. This is a big threat to democracy & the rule of law.

On a last note, these crop of Nigerian leaders have a minimum of 4 years & maximum of 8 years in power, no matter how long it takes those that brutally killed hundreds or thousand plus of unarmed Nigerian civilians in Zaria will face justice in a competent law court. Evidences are being compiled & documented, one day the world will be told in details of your heinous crimes.

Once again wish all Nigerian Christians Merry Christmas & a peaceful holiday season!

Harun Elbinawi


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