Message on the Prophet’s birthday anniversary

Message on the Prophet’s birthday anniversary:

I facilitate with the Islamic Ummah on the glorious occasion of the birth anniversary of the Prophet (sa). The Kalima for Islamic proclamation has only the name “Muhammad” & the Messenger of God (sa) should be the uniting polar Axis for all Muslims.

The late Imam Khomeini (ra) designated the 12th-17th Rabiu Awwal of every year as “Unity Week” in order to promote Unity among Muslims.

The enemy always wish to widen the Gulf among Muslims by exploiting the sectarian fault lines, it is important for Muslims to defeat this evil agenda of the enemy.

Coincidentally, this year’s birth anniversary of the Prophet (sa) is celebrated at the same period as Christmas. It is important for followers of these two great religions to use this holiday season to reflect on the importance of mutual respect & peaceful coexistence.

May the reflection on the immaculate character of Prophet Muhammad (sa) benefit & unite the divided Ummah.
Harun Elbinawi #GodProtectZakzaky


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