The destroyed reputation of the Nigerian Army

Though the Nigerian Army had past fairly good reputation in peace keeping operations around the world, that hard earned reputation have been badly dented in recent years especially in the ongoing BokoHaram insurgency.

One factor that inflamed the BokoHaram insurgency was extra-judicial killings by the Nigerian Army & other Nigerian security agencies. They had killed tens of thousands of innocent Nigerians just for suspicion of been BokoHaram members. This has compelled their relative and friends to join BokoHaram to extract vengeance on the Nigerian Army.

With the Zaria massacre the Nigerian Army had further destroyed it’s already tarnished reputation. In the past there are mountains of massacres by the Nigerian Army against defenseless Nigerians but the Zaria massacre is the worst so far.

The barbarity of the Zaria massacre shocked all people with conscience and a friend from the West asked me if Nigeria is still a jungle where the armed kill the unarmed?



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