Reflection on the Zaria massacre:

Reflection on the Zaria massacre:

The enemy wish to make all issues affecting Muslims to be sectarian. The enemy is clever, the Western imperialism ruthlessly use the sectarian card while dealing with Muslims under their notorious doctrine of “Divide & Conquer”.

This is why today’s Message of sister Nusaiba Ibrahim Zakzaky is very important. For the past 300 years, the enemies of Islam & Muslims have always exploit sectarianism while dealing with Muslims.

It is important that we do not fall in to this enemy trap. Inflaming sectarianism is harmful to Islam & Muslims.

When the Nigerian Army targeted & killed three (3) sons of Sheikh #Zakzaky & 30 of his followers last year in a Pro-Palestine rally, they did that because Sheikh Zakzaky is a passionate supporter of the Palestinian cause. The real enemy was not the Nigerian Army, the real enemy is the one who control the Nigerian Army.

And when the Nigerian Govt/Army targeted Sheikh #Zakzaky & his Movement in the Zaria massacre, they did not do that because he is a Shia scholar. There are many Shia scholars in Nigeria who are independent of Sheikh Zakzaky & his Movement but nobody attack them.
Though it is natural to feel angry at the Nigerian Army officers/men who took part in the Zaria massacre but our anger should be directed at those who created the script of the Zaria massacre, edited it & directed it. The Nigerian Army only acted as tool of this wicked Imperialists.

And that anger should be in the form of raising awareness among Nigerians, making people aware of these schemes & agenda. The clever enemy will want us to be violent as that is the fraudulent propaganda they have been spreading but it is important to maintain the peaceful posture. That only is a big defeat to the enemy.

Massive awareness is going on & Nigerians are asking what is the message of Sheikh Zakzaky? Why is it that he is so much hated by the corrupt Northern elites? Why is that his followers despite been unarmed protected him from the rains of bullets fired by the Nigerian Army to their death?

With these awareness going on it is important that we do not fall in to the trap of the enemy by reducing the glorious message of Sheikh Zakzaky to sectarianism. Even if some of us are followers of Shia Islam but we are Muslims before being Shia. And we belong to the human family before being Muslims. And for nationality we are Nigerians, even our killers can not take this tag away from us.
Harun Elbinawi


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