I KNOW SHEIKH IBRAHIM ZAKZAKY-former Niger Delta Militant Asari Dokubo

“If all noble men should keep silent and get cowed by this rampaging beast that is ready to consume democracy and the rule of law in Nigeria, ordinary Nigerians will sooner than later end up in the belly of this beast.” Author unknown.

I hope this injustice we support today will not consume us sooner than later….I’d known Ibrahim Al Zakzaky for twenty-six years or more and in all these period he had stood for the truth….peacefully going about the propagation of his belief….which is his right under the constitution…

Anytime his demented Gambaris (corrupt Northern elites) come to power they will bundle him into prison because to them his Islam is not Islam….These evil men are judging the Islam of a man who is far better-morally- and more knowledgeable than them.

This is how Hitler started…he was applauded by those who saw his murderous policies as been right…at the end of his reign of terror most of them became victims of those very policies they had applauded and supported. Why should we applaud this genocidal murder of thousands of children, old women and men. For what and why were they murdered so heartlessly? The answer is that they are shites….even in dead their corpses were violated, abused and stolen from…..don’t we have conscience…it seems we have degenerated from the realms of humans into that of demons.

Before we take a position on this issue we must please read, research and investigate before making comments….I know Ibrahim Al ZakZaky very well like most other Muslim student’s society (MSS) activists in the late 1980s….Whenever I visit Zaire his house at old city was one of my first call… His wife Zenat was a great sister….most times I will argue with him on Islam late into the night…He never seem to get tired of my repudiation of his position…most times he will say Mujahid go seek knowledge from authentic sources….We became closer when he was incarcerated at the Port Harcourt prisons under Abacha…As the leader of the prison Dawah then I had unhindered access to him…running errands for him by taking messages from his family and others vice versa…since after his release from their unjust incarceration our relationship had not been very exciting as I only hear from third parties about his activities and progress in the course of his peaceful propagation of Islam.

I also had few encounters with the Igbura born Sheikh Muhammad Turi…an excellent scholar, good natured and always jovial…because those days I visit Kaduna frequently and my abode was mostly the convert house at Tundu Wada ….ran by Nurain Ashafa…The convert house was very close to that of Muhammad Turi and Muhammad Bello of the defunct Democrat Newspaper….both gentlemen were very scholarly and I love listening to them.

Today the BEAST had terminated the life of Sheikh Muhammad Turi and countless others because of an orchestrated plan to exterminate Shites in Nigeria by an ever bloodthirsty Othmaniyyah gangsters…It is very laughable that an army chief will come out to lie to the world-same as they did with the CHIBOK scam-what qualify as an escaped assassination? I used this funny phrase because that was what the army chief and the compromised media headlines used…The speed with which the lives of countless shites were terminated…their places of WORSHIP brought down and flatten….The Sheikh himself..a first class economics graduate, Former National Amir, Muslim Student’s Society(MSS) and Islamic scholar was shot and deprive of medical attention…his children killed…his wife-Zenat feared dead…his house and all the rare Islamic literatures in his extensive library destroyed.

So barricading a CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF CONVOY from passing through a particular route is enough to kill the number of people that were killed…this is how cheap lives had become in Buhari’s Nigeria…As we applaud these actions we must also be ready to live with the consequences of these actions when they catch up with us.


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